26 years of clearing the debris of war and helping millions of families return home

More than

1.5 Million Landmines Destroyed

More than

54 Million Bullets Destroyed

More than

170k Weapons Destroyed

More than

200k Cluster Munitions Destroyed

More than

11 Million Explosive Ordnance Destroyed

More than

11k Minefields Cleared



Welcome to The HALO Trust


The HALO Trust is a charity that specialises in destroying the debris of war. We have a simple mission statement:

'Getting mines out of the ground, for good'


Over the past twenty-five years the HALO Trust has made the world a much safer place, passing the following milestones along the way:


Over 200,000 cluster munitions destroyed

Over 1.5 million landmines destroyed

Over 11 million explosive ordnance destroyed

Over 54 million bullets destroyed

Over 3,400 heavy weapon systems immobilized 

Over 167,000 assault rifles destroyed

Over 11,000 minefields cleared

36,254 hectares (89,586 acres) made safe from landmines

146,837 hectares (362,841 acres) made safe from unexploded and abandoned ordnance

14,545 kilometres (9,038 miles) of roads cleared 


These statistics are a testament to the dedication of our staff who are undertaking one of the most inherently dangerous jobs on earth, and to the generosity of our donors who understand that our work directly saves lives.

The HALO Trust, our staff and our donors are helping people and communities return to normal, rural livelihoods in some of the poorest countries in the world.

In countries such as Mozambique and Georgia our work is nearly finished; in others there is still a lot to be done. Many countries will require more years of clearance - in Afghanistan, for example, our current work plan extends to 2023.

With more deminers and more equipment we can shorten that timeframe and allow ordinary people to go about their lives free from danger.


The difference we are making

  • Learn how HALO's work demining an important access road to a rare water source has resulted in direct benefits to more than 5000 local people, including in a 40% reduction in the cost of barrelled water, along with enhanced transport options for people, livestock and produce

  • In 1986 landmines were laid in Akkrai village on the Jaffna Peninsula. The village was abandoned and remained so for over 25 years. However, after HALO completed mineclearance in January 2014, a surge of returning residents has brought new life and a sense of optimism to formerly desolate Akkrai.

  • Since 1991, HALO has conducted humanitarian demining in Cambodia to rid the country of the deadly legacy of nearly two decades of conflict. We examine how adopting a community-based demining approach has allowed HALO to contribute to social-economic growth in a variety of important ways.

Latest news & press releases

  • Donor Report 2014

    January 22, 2015

    Dear friends and supporters,

    On behalf of The HALO Trust and our fellow board members, we extend our sincere gratitude for your support this past year.

  • Japanese Counsellor Takashi Kondo signs the accord with HALO Programme Manager Gerhard Zank

    Japanese Counsellor Takashi Kondo signs the accord with HALO Programme Manager Gerhard Zank

    January 09, 2015

    Funding received from the Government of Japan.

  • HALO has found three anti-tank mines since the start of clearance.

    HALO has found three anti-tank mines since the start of clearance.

    September 24, 2014

    HALO is providing emergency mineclearance in support of several thousand refugees displaced from Pakistan to Afghanistan. The refugees fled villages in Northern Waziristan this summer due to Pakistani army military operations.