The HALO Trust has received the following International awards:


At The UK Charity Awards 2012 HALO won the category for International Development and Aid, based on its highly successful deployment of 264 female and 803 male deminers who, between them, have cleared over 120,000 landmines from the mine-affected villages in northern Sri Lanka. As a result, 190,000 internally displaced people have managed to return home safely.

More than four hundred hectares of mined land have been painstakingly cleared, including land now used for school playgrounds, medical facilities, paddy fields, roads, houses and gardens, temples and fishing jetties.

The main award, for Overall Excellence, was also awarded to The HALO Trust.


CEO Guy Willoughby wins the Robert Burns International Humanitarian Award.

First awarded in 2002, the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award is presented annually to a group or individual who has saved, improved or enriched the lives of others or society as a whole, through personal self-sacrifice, selfless service, 'hands on' charitable/volunteer work, or other acts. Guy Willoughby in his acceptance speech recognised the heroic and often unrecognised work of aid workers in the field.


The Lew Kopelew Prize (Cologne) - for peace and human rights 2001, Winner.

The Lew Kopelew Prize, set up to commemorate the distinguished Russian author and dissident, was awarded to the HALO Trust during the Lew Kopelew forum held in Cologne in April 2001, in recognition of HALO’s work in the Caucasus region.


The European Commission's First European Festival of Solidarity (Barcelona) - Major Post-Conflict Labour Reconstruction category, Winner.