Global specialists

Camille Wallen, HALO Trust

Camille Wallen

Global Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Camille joined HALO in 2012 in Sri Lanka, where she developed methods to monitor and evaluation the impact of mine clearance on the programme. Since 2014 she has overseen Monitoring and Evaluation across HALO’s programmes worldwide.

Chris Cooper, HALO Trust

Chris Cooper

Global EOD Officer

Chris joined HALO after serving as a British Army Royal Engineer for 13 years. He is responsible for ensuring that international standards are met and exceeded regarding the handling of munitions and conducting demolitions. He regularly visits HALO programs to teach and assess staff, focussing primarily on Explosive Ordnance Disposal. He also provides technical support, where needed, for the disposal and storage of ammunition.

Christy Phillimore, HALO Trust

Christy Phillimore

Global Fleet Support Officer

Christy joined HALO in 2013 after many years in the oil and shipping industries around the world. He runs the substantial HALO Angola fleet of over 100 vehicles, and lends support to HALO programmes globally. He has spent time in Cambodia, Mozambique, and Somalia, and is based in Angola.

James Scott, HALO Trust

James Scott

Global Construction Advisor

After working as a Chartered Building Surveyor in Somerset and London, James joined HALO in March 2012, where he became the first Construction Manager in the organisation. Since taking the role of Global Construction Manager in January 2015, he has become responsible for providing technical support to other HALO programmes with a construction requirement for weapons and ammunition. James has worked with the HALO programmes in Angola, Central African Republic and Ivory Coast. James has degrees in History and Building Surveying.

Jesse Hamlin, HALO Trust

Jesse Hamlin

Global GIS & Database Officer

Jesse visits HALO programmes to provide support and training in information management systems. He identifies new system requirements, develops tools and checks to ensure workflows/systems are working properly. Jesse has visited all major HALO programmes. He joined the organisation in January, 2015 and has over 12 years experience with GIS in industry and academia. He holds an MSc in GIS from the University of Redlands, California.

John Montgomery HALO Trust

John Montgomery

Global Chief Technical EOD Advisor

John (Monty) joined HALO after working for 4 years with DCA as an EOD Operations Manager in humanitarian mine action in Libya and Syria, prior to this as British Army Royal Engineer for 24 years. He has an extensive background in EOD and Search both operationally and in the training and development side. He is responsible for ensuring that international standards are met and providing EOD technical support and advice in operations and training across HALO’s extensive global ERW clearance programmes.

Luan Jaupi, HALO Trust

Luan Jaupi

Global IT & GIS Desk Officer

Luan joined HALO in 2005 and regularly visits all programmes. He is responsible for all information management and GIS. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Tirana and master’s degree in Business Informatics from the European University of Viadrina.

Michael Nevard, HALO Trust

Michael Nevard

Training and R&D Projects Officer

Michael has worked for HALO since 2007. After training in Angola he was initially posted to Afghanistan and then back to Angola. He is currently the R&D Projects Officer responsible for evaluating new detection equipment and mine clearance techniques across HALO’s programmes worldwide. He also oversees training of incoming international staff. Master's degree in Mathematics.

Rhys Mansel, Burma, Myamar, HALO Trust

Rhys Mansel

Capability Support Officer

Rhys first joined HALO in 2012. After training in Cambodia and Laos, he has served in a variety of roles on HALO’s programmes in Angola, Kosovo and Myanmar. He currently works within the Capability Group, dedicating a proportion of his time to the Afghanistan programme where he is primarily involved with addressing operational effectiveness and efficiency. Rhys is qualified in explosive ordnance disposal to IMAS Level 3 and has a BSc in geography from the University of St Andrews.

Scott Montgomery, HALO Trust

Scott Montgomery

Global Finance Officer

Scott has worked for HALO since 2016. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has a Bachelors in Business Administration from Longwood University. He is married and resides with his wife and children in Kampala, Uganda. He joins HALO with experience working in East Africa, including South Sudan. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration from Western Governors University.

Umar Akhukhadzhaev, HALO Trust

Umar Akhukhadzhaev

Global Mechanical Officer

Umar has worked for HALO since 1997, first in Chechnya and is now based in the UK but visits each programme on a regular basis to instruct HALO mechanical mine clearance operatives.