Surveys provide essential data about the scale of contamination in a given area. We conduct both general and technical surveys in every country we operate in, and our methodology has been refined and perfected over more than twenty years.  

In pursuit of accurate data about a mine and ERW problem, host governments often commission us to conduct Emergency Surveys immediately after a conflict.  These surveys provide accurate data which allows a mine and ERW problem to be understood and addressed as soon as possible, often in circumstances in which people displaced by fighting are returning to their homes.  

Examples of recent activity includes comprehensive surveys of all remaining minefields in Somaliland (2009), Kosovo (2007), Mozambique (2007) and of cluster munitions and landmine contamination in Georgia immediately post conflict (2008). We also conduct ongoing Baseline Surveys in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. 

In countries where we have completed a survey the data provided to authorities has allowed:

• improved planning and a better mobilisation of the resources needed to clear the problem

• accurate definition of the problem, allowing minclearance to begin in an efficient and effective way

• joint working between local and international development agencies to inform planning and prioritising 

We have conducted surveys, assessments or clearance operations in Laos, Vietnam, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Chechnya, Tajikistan and the Falkland Islands. Full reports on each country are available on request.