Senior management

James Cowan, HALO Trust

James Cowan

Chief Executive

James Cowan was a soldier.  He joined The Black Watch from Oxford in 1986, serving in Berlin, Northern Ireland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Hong Kong.  He helped plan the Kosovo operation in 1999.  He commanded in Iraq in 2004, fighting around Basra and latterly Fallujah.  He returned to Iraq in 2006 and commanded in Helmand in 2009-10.  He planned the military Olympic security operation of 2012.  As a major general, he commanded the 3rd Division.  In 2015 he become HALO’s CEO.

Valon Kumnova, HALO Trust

Valon Kumnova

Chief of Staff

Valon has worked for HALO since 1999. During the first 10 years he managed programmes in Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan (Nagorno Karabakh region), Afghanistan, Kosovo, Abkhazia, Cambodia, Mozambique and Georgia. Subsequently he became Regional Director for Horn of Africa and South Asia. As HALO’s Chief of Staff Valon is responsible for coordinating our business and providing managerial guidance and support to HALO regional directors and programmes. Master's degree in Business Administration.

Simon Conway, HALO Trust

Simon Conway

Director of Strategy

Simon worked for HALO from 1998 to 2004 in Cambodia, Kosovo, Abkhazia, Eritrea and Sri Lanka. From 2004 to 2008 he was the Director of Landmine Action and a Co-Chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition, which successfully campaigned for an international ban on cluster bombs. He re-joined HALO in 2013, first as trustee and then as a full time employee. He is the author of five novels and winner of the 2010 Ian Fleming award. Masters degree in English Literature.

Tim Porter, HALO Trust

Tim Porter

Director of Programmes

Tim has worked for HALO since 1992. He managed mine clearance operations in Afghanistan 1992-94, twice served as HALO Cambodia Programme Manager (1994-96 and 2006-09), has been South East Asia Desk Officer (1997-00), Southern Africa Desk Officer (2001-05), Central Asia Desk Officer (2009-16), Colombia Regional Director (2016-17) and Middle East Regional Director from 2017. In July 2018 Tim was promoted to be HALO’s Director of Programmes.

Matthew Hovel, HALO Trust.

Matthew Hovell

Regional Director

Matthew joined HALO in 1998. He has managed mine clearance programmes in Angola, Somaliland, Cambodia, Nagorno Karabakh and Colombia. He has completed two HQ postings as Regional Director where he set up and led our programmes in Georgia, Colombia, Laos and Myanmar. Additionally he has carried out assessments and surveys in Eritrea and Kosovo. Matthew regularly represents HALO at technical review boards and States Parties meetings. He is married to Sirei, an artist, and they have two boys.

Andrew Moore, HALO Trust

Andrew Moore

Director of Development

Former professional opera singer, who has worked for HALO since 2005. Has managed demining operations in Mozambique, Angola, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Georgia. As Regional Director for Europe he was responsible for developing private fundraising for Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh. He now oversees all private fundraising as Director of Development.

Calvin Ruysen, HALO Trust.

Calvin Ruysen

Regional Director

Calvin has worked for HALO since 2007 in Nagorno Karabakh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Angola, Somaliland and Afghanistan in both mine clearance and weapons and ammunition management. He was regional director for Southern Africa from 2012-16 and is currently regional director for Central Asia.

Chris Pym, HALO Trust

Chris Pym

Regional Director

Chris has worked for HALO since 2006, managing operations Somaliland and in western Cambodia. He went on to manage HALO’s programme in Kosovo in 2009, set up and manage HALO’s PSSM programme in Ivory Coast in 2011 and coordinate HALO’s HQ Logistics 2014/2015. Chris is currently HALO’s Regional Director for Africa.

Tom Griffiths, HALO Trust

Tom Griffiths

Regional Director

Tom trained with HALO in Somaliland in April 2011 and subsequently spent time managing operations in Georgia, Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique and Afghanistan. Returning to Somaliland as Programme Manager in 2015 he overseen the establishment of HALO’s Southern Somalia Programme. Tom is currently HALO’s Regional Director for Latin America and is IMAS-EOD3 trained. Prior to HALO, he worked in Outdoor Education after attending university in the English Lake District.

Dr Farid Homayoun, HALO Trust

Dr Farid Homayoun

Afghanistan Desk Officer

Farid is an Afghan national, the HALO Afghanistan Programme Manager since April 1995 and the first HALO Afghanistan employee recruited in 1988. He is currently based in HALO's Scotland headquarters as Afghanistan Desk Officer, managing in excess of 3,308 Afghans and international staff who work in Central, Northern, South, Southeast and Western Regions of the Country. Dr Farid is responsible for all aspects of HALO Trust operations across Afghanistan, and plays a vital role in liaison with the Government Authorities and Donor Embassies in Kabul. He is married with six children.

Nick Smart HALO Trust Regional Director

Nick Smart

Head of Region - Europe

Nick worked as a school teacher before joining HALO in 2008. Following his operations training in Sri Lanka, Somaliland and Mozambique, he became field officer for the newly established Georgia programme, Deputy Programme Manager for Angola in 2010 and programme manager in Nagorno Karabakh and Colombia. In 2016 Nick helped establish operations in Eastern Ukraine before taking on his current role as Head of Region – Europe (overseeing HALO programmes in Georgia including Abkhazia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh).

Cameron Imber

Regional Director

Cameron has worked for HALO since 1999 managing operations in Kosovo, Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Cambodia. Cameron spent five years as the Regional Director for Central Asia, leading HALO’s Afghanistan programme, and is now a Regional Director for South East Asia. Cameron holds a Masters degree in International Security Studies from the University of St Andrews.

Anthony Wigan, HALO Trust

Anthony Wigan

Company Secretary

Anthony joined HALO in early 2011 in the joint role of Finance Director and Company Secretary. He is a Chartered Accountant (FCA) and worked with the Inchcape Group in the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Yemen, and the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq. As HALO has expanded, in August 2017 Anthony handed over the Finance Director role to Mick Darby.

Paul McCann, HALO Trust.

Paul McCann

Director of Communications

Paul has lengthy international experience working in journalism and communications. He was a reporter on The Times in the UK, before running communications for UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. Before HALO, he was communications and advocacy director at the global justice NGO Namati. At HALO he helps to tell our story.

Mick Darby HALO Trust

Mick Darby

Finance Director

Mick joined HALO as Director of Finance in April 2017 and brings a wealth of public, private and not for profit experience to the organisation, including Finance, Project Management, Systems Development, Logistics and ICT. Mick is a keen weekend golfer and enjoys spending time with his young family.

Camille Wallen, HALO Trust

Camille Wallen

Head of Policy and Evaluation

Since joining HALO in 2012 in Sri Lanka, Camille has developed HALO’s monitoring and evaluation methods, working extensively across our programmes and with our partners. She has also worked in the HALO USA Washington DC office and is currently based out of our headquarters in Scotland. While maintaining an eye on M&E, as Head of Policy and Evaluation Camille manages HALO’s external policy engagement and directs our advocacy work on the Landmine Free 2025 campaign.

Callum Peebles

Callum Peebles

Chief of Staff

Callum joined HALO in 2003 and has managed operations on HALO programmes in Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Mozambique. Since 2015, he has been responsible for managing some of HALO’s largest government contracts, and building partnerships with other agencies in the sector. He became Chief of Staff in summer 2018.

Alex Denton, HALO Trust

Alex Denton

Financial Controller

Alex has worked for HALO since 2000; based at HALO's headquarters she is responsible for the day to day management of the finance department and the financial reporting of the organisation to all stakeholders. Alex also undertakes short term assignments to most HALO’s programs.
Alex’s spare time is taken up with the management, training and ultimately competing her horse.

Tom Meredith, HALO Trust

Tom Meredith

Deputy Director of Strategy

Tom has worked for HALO since 2008 in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Georgia. As Regional Director, he currently covers HALO’s programmes in the West Bank and Ukraine.

Michael Newton, HALO Trust

Michael Newton

Programme Manager

Mike joined HALO in 2014, training in Cambodia before joining HALO Mozambique as the Chimoio Location Manager. Following the completion of Mozambique’s last known minefield in August 2015, Mike was sent to Somaliland as the Deputy Programme Manager. Mike took over as Programme Manager in July 2016. Prior to joining HALO, Mike spent five years in the Royal Air Force and holds an MSc in Conflict Prevention, Peace Sustainability & Security. Mike is IMAS-EOD 3 trained.

Tom Dibb, HALO Trust

Tom Dibb

Programme Manager

Tom joined HALO in Mozambique in 1996. He has a wealth of experience, having worked on many HALO programmes and had a 7-year spell in HQ as a desk officer. Tom holds a BA LLB from the University of Cape Town.

Helen Pedley

Helen Pedley

Director of Human Resources

Helen joined HALO in January 2018 having previously worked within the NHS and more recently the Further Education sector. She brings with her, extensive strategic management experience having had responsibility for Human Resources, Finance and Facilities. Helen is responsible for leading the Human Resource and supporting approximately 150 staff employed by HALO.