Equality and respect

HALO aims to ensure that no job applicant or worker receives unlawful, less favourable, treatment on the grounds of race, disability, religion or belief, age, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation.

We make best efforts to ensure employees are treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and we believe that the working environment should at all times be supportive of the dignity and respect of the individual. 

HALO has undertaken, under the UN Charter, to take all appropriate measures to prevent sexual exploitation or abuse of anyone by it or by any of its personnel or any other persons who may be engaged by HALO to perform any services. For these purposes, sexual activity with any person less than eighteen years of age, regardless of the age of majority or consent, shall constitute the sexual exploitation and abuse of such person.

In addition, HALO takes all appropriate measures to prohibit its personnel or other persons engaged by it from exchanging any money, goods, services, offers of employment or other things of value, for sexual favours or activities, or from engaging in any sexual activities that are exploitative or degrading to any person.

Harassment is offensive and affects the dignity of an individual or group of individuals. If a complaint of harassment is brought to the attention of HALO’s management, it will be investigated promptly and appropriate action will be taken.