HALO is committed to treating colleagues, patrons, donors, beneficiaries, stakeholders, suppliers and the public respectfully and professionally, taking account of confidential issues where appropriate. Our ethics are set out in the statements below, which are also included in our ‘Staff code of practice and policies’.

  • We endeavour to deal courteously with those who hold opinions that differ from ours, and we respect cultural differences. We also respect and are compliant with local laws.
  • HALO operates with honesty and integrity in all its work, taking steps to identify and deal with corrupt or unethical practices and professional misconduct. We are open and transparent in undertaking activities and decision‐making and never place ourselves under any financial or other obligation that might influence our performance.
  • We act with objectivity and reach conclusions based on best professional practice, taking into account the customs and any applicable local laws and traditions of other cultures. We disclose any conflicts of interest and actively manage them.
  • We value our employees and we commit to invest in them to promote creative thinking while encouraging staff to find simple solutions to complex problems.
  • We respect diversity and will never tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying. We may, in some circumstances, positively discriminate in favour of employing staff who are from local marginalised communities or groups.
  • We assess and minimize the adverse impacts of any of our decisions on the environment.