The clearance task

There are an estimated 2,600 anti-personnel and anti-tank landmines in the minefield at Qaser al-Yahud. According to the testimonies of former soldiers, booby traps were also laid around the churches and monasteries. This makes the clearance of the site a complex task.

We will use a combination of manual demining and mechanical demining, alongside explosive ordnance disposal. Our team includes Israelis, Palestinians and Georgians.

Our initial technical survey indicates that it will take two years to make the entire site safe.

    Franciscan church at Baptism Site of Christ, HALO Trust

    Key facts

    • The project covers 100 hectares (247 acres) of land requiring mine and battle area clearance
    • There are an estimated 2,600 mines to be cleared
    • There is an unknown number of IEDs and unexploded ordnance
    • The clearance is predicted to take up to two years
    • Over 400,000 tourists visit the site each year.