HALO Clears 16 Minefields in Colombia

To Live in Fear

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Families living in the rural regions of Antioquia, Meta, Cauca and Valle del Cauca in Colombia were severely affected by the country’s years of conflict. For more than 50 years, illegal armed groups engaged in guerrilla warfare with the government. Improvised explosive devices were laid throughout rural areas, bringing fear and devastation to local families.

Until these explosives are gone for good, people cannot rebuild their lives. Farmers are afraid to cultivate their crops or graze their animals, parents fear for their children’s safety.

To Walk in Peace

Last month HALO completed work on sixteen minefields, returning the safe land to local families. Today men, women and children can walk without fear of stepping on a landmine. They can use their land with confidence to grow crops, raise livestock or access areas for reforestation. Communities, once torn apart by conflict, can re-establish their livelihoods and build a more secure future for themselves and their country.

"Today we can walk peacefully through the area that was cleared and we are very happy. I want to thank HALO for the great job they are doing."

Albeiro Serna 
"I am grateful to HALO who have already cleared several sites, and thanks to them it gives us peace of mind, as a community."

Fernando Naranjo
"Today we have the peace of mind to tell the community that our land is free from mines. We can walk safely without the danger of explosives hidden in the ground".

Jorge Luis Parra 


This work was made possible thanks to the support of the Governments of the United States, Canada, Norway and the European Union.