2020 was a dramatic year for the people of Nagorno Karabakh. In the midst of a global pandemic, war returned. Families were forced from their homes in the tens of thousands. Those who remained had to shelter in bunkers to stay safe from daily bombardment. Several thousand people lost their lives in the conflict, including three HALO staff members who had been called up to fight.

After the ceasefire, families returned to find rockets, unexploded cluster bombs and other explosives strewn in their streets, gardens and homes. The HALO Trust was one of only two international charities supporting the people of Karabakh. Since the ceasefire we have been clearing the Armenian-controlled regions in Karabakh of deadly explosives.

Meet the team that has been working to save lives in Karabakh and read the stories of the people we helped during this momentous year:

Nagorno Karabakh 2020 Impact Report

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