Working Together for a Safer El Salvador

Thanks to the support of the United States Government, on November 14th 2018 The HALO Trust in El Salvador destroyed 1,256 long, short, and improvised weapons that had previously been confiscated from criminals in El Salvador.

These weapons were destroyed by a melting process in the Corinca facilities - the metal is subsequently sold for the construction of different items for general sale, boosting the economy of El Salvador.

Colonel Douglas Rivas, from the Logistics Department of the Ministry of Defense, highlighted HALO's support for the construction of a safer Salvador:

"This process will eliminate the threat these weapons represent. Thanks to the United States Government and The HALO Trust for contributing to the non-proliferation of weapons in the region and for improving the security for our people."

HALO El Salvador Project Manager, Julieta Arnau, thanked the Salvadorans for their hospitality and acknowledged their commitment to the country's security.


"We have been welcomed in a country where insecurity is a daily problem. El Salvador is a country full of natural beauty and hard-working people. They are committed to, and have allowed us to contribute to the strengthening of security in El Salvador. We thank them and we hope to continue working hand-in-hand for the safety of the population."

Anaida Haas, Deputy Political Counselor of the United States Embassy in El Salvador said:

"The United States Embassy is pleased to support such an important effort by HALO and the El Salvadoran authorities. The destruction of expired, confiscated, and obsolete weapons helps prevent them falling into the wrong hands or hurting innocent people. The Department of State’s support of HALO in this effort is an important part of U.S. security objectives in El Salvador and the region."

The HALO Trust arrived in El Salvador in October 2017, with the purpose of contributing to the strengthening of security, disarmament, and weapons and ammunition stockpile management.

Since its arrival in the country, HALO has supported the destruction of more than 1,800 weapons, 103,300 small arms ammunition and has assisted the armed forces in the refurbishment of two weapons storage facilities, thanks to the support of the United States Government and US Embassy in El Salvador.