An end to unsafe farming in rural Kosovo

As with many Kosovan farmers, Gjyle Murseli's crop production was severely hampered by the presence of landmines, an unwelcome and dangerous reminder of the 1999 conflict. Anti-tank mines had been laid on both sides of the road that runs through her village of Debellde, in order to restrict the KLA from moving into Albania. With funding for mine clearance historically in short supply for Kosovo, Gjyle and her neighbors were forced to risk their lives by cultivating land known to be unsafe for more than 15 years.

Fortunately The HALO Trust were funded to clear the farmland surrounding Debellde in 2015, following the discovery of an anti-tank mine during the spring. Over the course of a month, a small HALO team cleared 747m2 of ground and located and destroyed two further TMA-3 anti-tank mines from Gjyle's field.

Since then the lives of her family, including her husband, two daughters, and their neighbors have improved beyond recognition. Now her family can work without fearing for their lives. she plans to use a tractor to sow tomatoes, corn, beans and potatoes and can let her herd of cattle graze safely.


Gjyle and family point to where HALO deminers are working