Tagreed, Risk Education Team, Syria

"The woman is the educator of the next generation and the cornerstone of every job. So, when a woman sees this next generation in trouble and exposed to all these difficulties, problems, and dangers, she must play her part. She needs to be effective in all fields, especially in explosive ordnance risk education and explosive ordnance disposal.”

Hayam, Community Liaison Officer, Libya

"Women in my opinion are strong and powerful and can do anything they put their minds into. Women should be part of this field not just in the administration parts but in task sites too, contributing in serving the society they live in hand in hand with men. After all, women did what’s greater than removing mines, they gave birth to life and nothing can be greater than this. “

"On International Women's Day we stand in solidarity with all women. Our thoughts are especially with those living with the reality of conflict and violence, in Ukraine, and across the world, and the incredible women working to make their communities safe. Today, and every day, we are proud of our colleagues working across HALO's 28 programmes—saving lives and helping build a more secure future."

Safa, HALO Iraq
Nour, Case worker, Syria

"What motivates me is my desire to support people affected by wars and armed conflicts. I try to give them the most support, assistance, and service possible so that they can carry on with their lives. To let them feel that their roles in life have not ended. Women are the foundation of society and must participate in Mine Action."

Dhea, NTS Team, Yemen

"The biggest difference I’ve noticed is in myself – I can say that the Dhea sitting here today is a totally different person from six months ago! This work has improved my confidence, and made me a better communicator. It’s taught me technical skills I never thought I would be able to learn, and I’m proud of that. "

Zeynab, IM Assistant, Somalia

"In Somalia, there are lots of limitations on women. Mine action is hard, time-consuming work, but HALO lets women do this work. We have the chance to show men that we can work with them and be successful, and it sets an example to the whole world that women can do anything!"

Nama, Area Co-ordinator, Libya

"I believe that women working in mine action defeat gender norms and show true equality which proves that women are capable of working in any field."

Daniela, Jr Programme Officer, Colombia

“I think that employing women within a sector that may be generally recognised as masculinised helps to challenge traditional gender roles, not only within the mine action sector, but also within local communities.”

Valbona, Team Leader, Kosovo

"HALO has given many opportunities to women. Women have power both in the workforce and in management, I think women can do this job and they always have the support of HALO. "

Nabea, Compliance Officer, Iraq

"What gives me most satisfaction is the impact of our humanitarian work in Iraq for the communities and to see the real impact on people’s lives. Mine action has tangible results. Women should also be encouraged to join the sector.”

Sasikumar, Deputy Area Supervisor, Sri Lanka

"Since working for HALO, I have gained leadership skills, confidence and it has helped me to expand my opportunities in life. As the head of my family, I live a happy life with my children."

Nancy, Senior Medic, Zimbabwe

"It is important that women work in mine action for gender equality. Personally, I find it very important because women in male dominated industries break barriers showing that women are equally capable and that they should get equal opportunities. I have become a role model in my community."

Ouerng, Field Officer, Cambodia

"Making communities safe isn’t just a job for men. Women and girls in my community are proud to see that women can endure the hard work just like men."

Lucy, Chief of Staff

I wanted to work for HALO to be part of an unequivocal force for good. In a world where there is conflict, a whole host of competing priorities and constantly emerging humanitarian need, HALO’s work seemed to cut through the noise and deliver real change to impacted communities. The challenges faced by the communities we serve cannot be adequately addressed if women aren’t involved in the response. Without women, the job cannot be done. Simple as that!

Felismina, Deminer, Angola

"To all the women from HALO, I congratulate you for what you have done, let us continue to work with great strength and determination, do not give up until the mission is accomplished. Let us be strong women, warriors and courageous."

Sophea, Fleet Manager, Cambodia

“Men and women can work any jobs. By working in mine action, we are contributing to the efforts of reducing accidents by mines.”

Ferdane, Assistant Team Leader, Kosovo

"When I first applied for HALO I was interested to challenge myself. My greatest satisfaction is being able to contribute every day so that my country is safe. It gives me joy to be able to help my country."

Sivarasa, Deminer Paramedic, Sri Lanka

"I am happy to work in mine action because not only does it allow me to support my family but I can also develop my talent and my personal skills. HALO is making life a lot safer for all the families who have resettled."

Sandra, Driver, Zimbabwe

"It was always my dream since childhood to take up challenges because they bring out courage and bravery in an individual therefore making me strong. To all the women out there, l would like to encourage you to go that extra mile.  Don't doubt yourselves, do it and shock everyone, for what man can do, women can do to perfection."

Jane, Programme Manager, Myanmar

"We’ve been breaking new ground on this front, employing women in areas of mine action that had been traditionally male dominated up to now. I think it’s really important to continue to create these role models for women so that it demonstrates pathways that women can aspire to.  Working in mine action integrates women into the workforce often whilst allowing them to reduce the risks of explosive hazards within their own communities."

Angelina, Deminer, Angola

"When you talked about demining in the past people said this is for men, you should look for something else, because we were only seen as housewives. But now we feel empowered and we are being given equal opportunities and due value. We see this here, we have women as supervisors section commanders, drivers, administrators and they are given the due value that they give to men."

Kifa, EOD Team Leader, Somalia

"I was inspired by how The HALO Trust give women the opportunity to work in mine action and explosives. I’m now a team leader and this type of role is a rare opportunity."

Noor, Community Liaison, Iraq

"It empowers me to work in such sector to achieve my goals. Everybody in my community was worried at the beginning because of the danger but after explanation they become proud and interested in the sector and my job."