HALO opens new office in Thma Da, Cambodia


As roads are built and access to once remote areas improves, families drawn to new land can often find themselves living in dangerous proximity to minefields. In Cambodia, HALO has just opened an office in Thma Da, allowing us to expand our work across Pursat and south into Koh Kong, making land safe so communities can continue to rebuild and develop.


Demining is tough work! Our team were glad to take a break to tell the visitors more about it
Working with the local people we prioritise clearing areas that are close to homes, or where new houses are being built to support shifting populations.
From our new office we will be able to help 12,000 people in 2019 alone who are living with the threat of mines. Already this year our teams have found and destroyed 400 landmines.


Once the landmines are destroyed, families will be able to use the precious land to build homes or for agriculture. With many households struggling to survive—taking loans to make ends meet—the cleared areas can be used to grow valuable crops such as cashew or mango trees.

On opening day, we were pleased to welcome British Ambassador, Tina Redshaw, senior representatives from the Cambodian Mine Action Authority and visitors from the Royal College of Defence Studies.


The whole community and our guests attended a risk education session run by Samorn, our team leader—learning how to stay safe until we have removed all the landmines for good. 
Samorn has been working for HALO for more than 20 years. He was displaced during Cambodia's conflict as a boy and has dedicated his life to stopping the legacy of the fighting from continuing to hurt people.

Our work in Cambodia is made possible thanks to your support and that of our government donors, Germany, Ireland, the United States and the UK. 

With 20 years of experience, Samorn knows how to deliver an engaging lesson on staying safe from landmines

Opening Day Photo Gallery