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Tashinga Chavhunga

“We are happy because we know that soon we will be able to walk freely all the way from our home to our fields and the children will have a safe route to school.”  

Sadzurai Kamoyo

“We will be able to expand our plot by another hectare or two so we can grow a cash crop. With one more hectare we can make around 200 dollars per harvest, which would allow us to buy domestic products, and pay for school fees much more easily.” 

Creating opportunities

Making land safe is just part of the story.

HALO employs and trains local men and women to clear the landmines—often working on minefields that directly threaten their own communities. By creating jobs where opportunities are scarce, people like Noel, Section Commander for HALO in Chisecha, have the chance to help themselves, their family and become change-makers in their own communities.

Noel has been able to build a secure home for his family thanks to his job with HALO—but he hasn’t stopped there. He believes it is his duty to share his good fortune with the whole village and is developing an Early Childhood Centre where orphaned and disadvantaged children can receive an education.

Noel Piroro, HALO Section Commander

“HALO is doing a lot of good for a lot of people. My job also means that money is spread through my community.”

75,000 landmines cleared by HALO in Zimbabwe

Since we began work in in 2013, our dedicated teams of Zimbabwean deminers have worked tirelessly to clear the landmines that endanger lives and livelihoods. This week we reached a major milestone—75,000 landmines cleared—making safe almost half the land on the affected northern border area. This is landmine clearance on a vast scale - in 2017 HALO Zimbabwe alone cleared 9% of all landmines destroyed globally.

Bonface Chinaka

"Yesterday I was happy because I cleared 18 mines in one day. I had no idea I was going to destroy the 75,000 landmine but now I am extra happy!"

This work would not have been possible without the assistance of the Zimbabwe Mine Action Centre and the generous support of our donors, including: The UK Department for International Development, US Department of State, The Government of Japan, Irish Aid, OAK Foundation, World Without Mines, The Julia Burke Foundation and Actiefonds Mijinen Ruimen.