Update: Safe Steps for Nagorno Karabakh

The Safe Steps for the People of Karabakh campaign aims to clear the minefields in Nagorno Karabakh, alleviating the suffering Karabakhi Armenians have endured for over two decades.

A quarter of landmine victims in Nagorno Karabakh are children, and in addition to facing the threat of debilitating injuries and death, the Karabakhi people are financially threatened as minefields hinder agricultural and family businesses.

A private donor has pledged to match all donations to HALO in Nagorno Karabakh, dollar for dollar, up to $4 million.

Your support has had a tremendous effect. Since 2016, together we have achieved:

Minefields Cleared
Acres of cleared land returned to communities
Landmines Destroyed
Two Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

In 2016 we ran the first ever crowdfunding campaign to clear a minefield—Myurishen which was made safe in 2017. Followed by our campaign for Harar in 2017.

Today we have partnered with ONEArmenia to raise funds for Jobs Not Mines

Taught Risk Education
New Karabakhi Staff Hired
Emergency Call-outs Responded To

Thank you to our generous donors who made these accomplishments possible.

Every day, our Karabakhi staff continue to work tirelessly toward one goal: a safer and more prosperous Nagorno Karabakh.