Every day across the globe, our 8,000 strong team of local staff begin their work to make the world a safer place. From Libya to Sri Lanka, in conflict zones, challenging environments and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, they clear the landmines and explosives that threaten people's lives. 

On World Humanitarian Day, we recognise their dedication to creating a safer and more peaceful world.


"I started working with HALO in August 1999. Most of the country was mined, the schools, streets, madrasas, roads and houses were all destroyed, there was no life. HALO gave me the chance to help my country."

Ismail Dahir, Community Liaison, HALO Somaliland

"When I find a mine in the ground and destroy it, I feel we've help save those people's lives. It's not just my job, it's not just my money, it’s protecting people’s lives."

Smann Makara, Survey & EOD Manager, HALO Cambodia

"I joined HALO as a deminer. Step by step I have been promoted and now I am Deputy Area Supervisor. I am very happy doing this job, because where we work there are many landmines and we are making the land safe for the people who live there.”

Sugitha Anathavadivel, Deputy Area Supervisor, HALO Sri Lanka

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