Go behind the scenes with HALO

On World Humanitarian Day go behind the scenes with HALO and meet the people supporting local communities to rebuild.

Ele Porritt, Location Manager in Cambodia, supports over 300 men and women clearing minefields every day. So far this year, the teams in Anlong Veaeng where Ele is based have destroyed over 600 mines. Join Ele on location with the team and see how they are making land safe so locals can use the area for agriculture and provide for their families.

Meet Ele Porritt: Location Manager in Cambodia


Travel up to Rushinga on the Zimbabwean border with Greg Caffrey, home to some of the densest minefields in the world. Greg is Programme Officer in Zimbabwe and works alongside 350 local men and women employed by HALO to remove the landmines. Witness the positive impact their hard work is having on the border communities.

Meet Greg Caffrey: Programme Officer in Zimbabwe


Go behind the scenes with Lina Moreno, Programme Support Officer in Colombia, and visit a minefield in the Valle del Cauca region. Meet the deminers working to make the land safe so indigenous communities, displaced during the conflict, are able to return home.

Meet Lina Moreno: Programme Support Officer in Colombia