A family's return home to Roblalito A, Colombia

Danilo Loaiza, remembering when guerilla fighters moved into the vereda where he had been born, Roblalito A in Sonson:

It was a hard time for us. There was constant fighting, a lot of people died. 

When the guerillas moved into the area in 2005, they threatened Danilo's family with death if they remained on the farm. Since the fighters had laid mines over their 4,800m2 of land, rendering it unusable, the family had little choice but to flee. Meanwhile Danilo was placed in a prison in Medellin, accused of collaborating with the FARC.

Some years after Danilo's release, the family returned to Roblalito A, but were unable to move back into their former home due to its proximity to the minefield. Thanks to clearance carried out by HALO and funded by US PM/WRA, the land can now be returned to the family, who can cultivate it safely and rebuild their lives. Danilo himself plans to sow a tree tomato plantation, increasing his family's income from $160 to $700 a month.


Danilo with his wife Claudia and a HALO demining supervisor outside the family's home. The PM/WRA funded clearance means that the family is once more able to make productive use of their land.

Junior Loaiza with newly hatched chicks on the family's land. The clearance carried out by HALO's demining team has meant that he can walk and play on the land around his home in safety.