Khoi Khoi & proud deminer

João Muti belongs to the Khoi Khoi tribe, meaning “the real people”. His tribe have inhabited Angola for over 1500 years, but their numbers are diminishing, and the government has asked many such minority groups to move closer to towns with medical and educational facilities. Last year, the group were given land near the town of Cuito Cuanavale. They are happy there, but unfortunately, their new land is close to a minefield.

Joao is working to change that. For two years, he has worked as a deminer for the HALO Trust in Cuito Cuanavale. Along with 150 local colleagues, he is working to clear some of the most complex and difficult minefields ever encountered by HALO. 

Working for HALO has improved my life.

Citing how the regular income helps support his wife and two children, and how proud he is to help rid his country of landmines.

I want to clear the land around his village so my children can grow up in safety and use the area for cultivating, hunting and searching for honey.

João Muti HALO Trust deminer