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28 March 2018 | The Telegraph

British Landmine Charity Begins Clearing Thousands of Explosives from Site of Jesus' Baptism

7 March 2018 | Al Jazeera

The Female Deminers of Nagorno Karabakh

21 February | The Scotsman

Ruth Davidson: The Scots Restoring our Faith in Charity

15 February | The Daily Telegraph

Ruth Davidson Hails Landmine Clearance Charity on Visit to Afghanistan

15 February | The Guardian

Amid Tory Calls for Cuts, Ruth Davidson Defends Aid Spending

15 February | The Scotsman

Ruth Davidson works with Scottish charity on mine clearing trip in Afghanistan

15 February | Pakistan Express Tribune

10-year Minefield Clearance Drive in Afghan Province

25 January | NBC News

These Colombians are clearing landmines and paving the way for peace

20 January | The Herald

Princess Diana Charity HALO Trust and Church Clear Landmines at Jesus' Baptism Place

15 January | The Herald

Scottish landmine charity showcases work in Colombian peace process

1 January 2018 | PBS Newshour

In Afghanistan, Clearing Landmines to Save Lives

27 December | The Journal Ireland

Meet the 23-year Old Woman Clearing Landmines from a War She Doesn't Remember

5 December 2017 | Globe & Mail

James Cowan: How can Canada help Zimbabwe rid itself of its landmine legacy?

22 September 2017 | Ottawa Citizen

James Cowan: Invictus Games an opportunity for Canada to recommit to landmine campaign

18 July 2017 | Catholic News service

Holy Land Festival unites Muslims, Christians for peace

3 July 2017 | Jakarta Globe

New Zealand pledges $1 million to clear landmines in Colombia

20 June 2017 | ABC News

Afghan de-miners cling to hard but much-needed jobs

12 June 2017 | Yorkshire Post

James Cowan of landmine charity The HALO Trust

11 June 2017 | Mail on Sunday

Diana landmine charity hiring trainees to defuse bombs

11 May 2017 | The Jordan Times

Kingdom Stands out as Regional Example of Mine-Clearing Efforts

27 April 2017 | New York Times

In Angolan Town, Land Mines Still Lurk 'Behind Every Bush'

4 April 2017 | Landmine Free 2025 media coverage

27 March 2017 | The Guardian

Prime Minister lauds The HALO Trust

04 July 2016 | BLU Radio

Unión Europea le inyecta 2,7 millones de euros a plan de desminado humanitario

18 July 2016 | The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction

Mobile Technology in Mine Action: The Fulcrum Application

18 July 2016 | Our Sunday Observer

HALO project seeks to restore sacred ground

12 July 2016 | Thomas Reuters Foundation 

As Colombia peace talks advance, war window, ex-fighters clear landmines one at a time

3 July 2016 | VerdataBierta

“El desminado humanitario genera procesos de desarrollo”: Chris Ince

 27 May 2016 | Church Times

Jesus's baptism site to be cleared of landmines

17 May 2016 | Christian Media Center

Minefields: new life to the site of Jesus' Baptism

17 May 2016 | The National

Halo Trust set to clear mines from Holy Land site caught up in Six-Day War

16 May 2016 | Time

Israel, Palestine Allow Mine Clearance at Site of the Baptism of Jesus

15 May 2016 | BBC

New hope for Holy Land's minefield churches

15 May 2016 | Wall Street Journal

At site of Jesus' Baptism, mine clearing unlocks holy ground 

15 May 2016 | CNN

Decades after war, churches near Jesus' baptism site to be cleared of mines

15 May 2016 | The Telegraph

British land mine charity made famous by Princess Diana wants to clear explosives from the site of Jesus Christ's baptism 

28 April 2016 | Sky News

Cambodia's demining more urgent than ever

09 April 2016 | Herald Scotland

The Halo Trust and the campaign to rid Cambodia of land mines

11 December 2015 | BBC Scotland 

The HALO Trust in Sri Lanka reaches landmine milestone

9 December 2015 | Herald Scotland 

Scottish landmine charity reaches major milestone in war-torn Sri Lanka

20 November 2015 | Asbarez

How the US diaspora can help Nagorno Karabakh become landmine free by 2020

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

After decades Mozambique is finally free from the fear of landmines

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

Interactive: How HALO cleared Mozambique of landmines

17 September 2015 | BBC 

The Halo Trust celebrates 'mine-free' Mozambique

17 September 2015 | Washington Post 

Mozambique was once riddled with tens of thousands of land mines. Now, it has none 

30 August 2015 | Scotland on Sunday

Halo Trust still offers hope to victims

14 November 2014 | Daily Mail

Mozambique's future without landmines

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