Angola disarmament second anniversary

On 16th and 17th April 2010, HALO Angola staff participated in the Second Anniversary celebrations of the Angolan Disarmament Campaign.

The celebrations culminated in a public rally led by Roberto Leal Monteiro Ngongo, the Angolan Minister of the Interior, who was accompanied by around 2,000 Angolans and other dignitaries including H.E. Dan Mozena the US Ambassador.

The rally culminated at the Primeiro de Maio (public space) where HALO WAD teams chopped up more than 200 serviceable weapons. Two weapons (with ammunition) were surrendered by the public during the display.

In the two years that the disarmament campaign has been running, HALO teams have travelled to every province of Angola and have chopped up more than 55,000 weapons, all of which have been handed in by the general public in response to a well supported government media campaign. HALO’s main supporter for this work has been the United States Department of State.