HALO to demine 14 more municipalities in Colombia

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On the 14th of September, the Colombian National Mine Action Authority (DAICMA) officially assigned municipalities across the country to mine action operators, to begin operations as soon as possible.

As a result of DAICMA's decision, The HALO Trust will operate in 14 of the 48 prioritised municipalities for rapid response in the post-conflict environment. HALO interventions in these municipalities will include Non-Technical Survey (NTS) and demining in the departments of Tolima, Meta Cauca, Antioquia Valle del Cauca and Putumayo.

In 10 of these municipalities the demining operations will be shared with other operators to include Handicap International, Norwegian People's Aid, Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas, the Army's Humanitarian Demining Brigade and the HALO Trust who will all work together towards meeting President Juan Manuel Santos's aim and country's Ottawa Convention commitment of making Colombia free from mines by 2021.

HALO will carry out humanitarian demining operations in the municipalities of: Chaparral, Planadas y Rioblanco in the department of Tolima; Puerto Rico, Lejanias, La Uribe, Vista Hermosa y Mesetas in Meta; Miranda, Caloto y Corinto in Cauca; Argelia in Antioquia; Pradera in Valle del Cauca and San Miguel in Putumayo.

Thanks to the assignment of these new municipalities, The HALO Trust's operations will grow significantly taking its intervention from 8 to 22 municipalities nationwide.