Japan continues to support HALO Trust in Sri Lanka

Government of Japan Continues to Support HALO Trust in Sri Lanka
The Government of Japan continues to support the HALO Trust in Sri Lanka for humanitarian mineclarance to enable resettlement and establishment of livelihoods. They have provided a total sum of US$ 716,608 (approximately Rs. 92 million) in grant aid for humanitarian demining in Northern Sri Lanka under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP).

The ‘Project for Humanitarian Mine Clearance for Resettlement and Livelihoods in Northern Sri Lanka’, implemented by The HALO Trust has been provided a sum of US$ 716,608 (approximately Rs. 92 million) which would contribute to expedite the efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka to make mine-contaminated areas safe lands for people to return and resume their livelihood.   

Japan has been a major donor supporting mine clearance in Sri Lanka to accelerate the return and resettlement of Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) and to facilitate recommencement of agriculture and other livelihood activities of returnees.  

Mr. Stanislav Damjanovic, Programme Manager at the HALO Trust, noted that HALO was honored to be recognized as a trustworthy partner by the Government of Japan that had been funding our demining activities since 2003. Japan has played a major role in reducing the mine threat in Sri Lanka and is continuing to be one of the major donors for demining. This new grant will directly benefit some 5000 people and indirectly benefit a further 45000 people living in some of the most mine affected communities in northern Sri Lanka. HALO's mine clearance intervention funded by Japan will continue to help the most impoverished communities in northern Sri Lanka who are striving to recover their lives and livelihoods.

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