Mrs Cindy McCain visits HALO Somaliland

Mrs McCain visits Somaliland to ascertain the impact of mines on the civilian population.

Mrs McCain visited HALO programme in Somaliland from 3rd to 6th of June. Previously Mrs McCain has visited HALO programmes in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Angola, Kosovo and Georgia.

During the trip Mrs McCain visited several communities in W. Galbeed region where HALO deminers are currently working and spent a night in a tented camp in Abudla together with female deminers. Mrs McCain also spent time talking to mine victims and saw many examples where cleared minefields have been put to productive use by local people.

Mrs McCain viewed the training of new personnel and conducted demining on one of the minefields and successfully destroyed a P2 Pakistani manufactured Anti-Tank mine.

Mrs McCain saw first-hand the considerable impact that landmines and explosive remnants of war are having in the rural communities of Somaliland.