Raising awareness

In Landmine Clearance, Every Little Penny Counts
A powerful new video encourages viewers to donate to remove landmines.

Every Little Penny Counts" is the creation of Moon Lisboa in aid of the HALO Trust. Landmine clearance can be costly but HALO’s experience has proved that every donation counts. HALO is committed to minimising administrative costs and ensuring that donations go directly to areas of greatest need - in many cases a few dollars will enable us to destroy a landmine and save a life.

Moon Lisboa is a Lisbon-based advertising agency that works mainly for the Portuguese and Angolan markets. Through its experience, especially in Africa, Moon's creative approach encompasses a broader perspective on the impact a good idea can have. This approach was the basis for this project.

They describe the project in their own words:  

Since the day the world saw the images of Princess Diana, back in the 1990’s, walking through a field of landmines in Angola, we got to know one of Africa’s most terrible problems. But what most of us didn't know is that the danger is still there. To this day, landmines are still so critical that organizations, like the HALO Trust, work bravely, every day, to minimize and to end these death fields.

So as to address this problem, once again, we had an idea. An idea we thought that could be relevant to the work of the HALO Trust. To bring our creative concept to life we partnered with Garage, one of Portugal's best production companies, and went off to Africa to film through the lens of director Roger Serrasqueiro.

The result is a film that aims to get a powerful message around the globe - "In landmine clearance, every little penny counts”.

Many thanks to Moon Lisboa, Garage, Roger Serrasquerio and to the Pixies who donated the use of their song – "Where is my Mind?".

The video is available to watch below: