Help us to free the people of Nagorno Karabakh from landmines so they can cultivate their land and bring their children up in safety.

There are a number of ways to support this unique project:

  • make a donation to the campaign - and watch it double!
  • fundraise in your community
  • team up with others and raise funds on Crowdrise or JustGiving
  • help us spread the word by sharing news of the project on your website and in social networks, using the hashtag #SafeSteps and #MineFreeNK

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HALO takes pride in ensuring that best value for money is achieved from donor funds. We guarantee that at least 90 per cent of your donation will be spent directly on HALO's humanitarian work in Nagorno Karabakh.

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If you wish to support this project please contact Erika Weingarten Cupples at

Thousands of people in some of the world's most vulnerable communities are still living with a legacy of landmines decades after the end of the conflict. The war in Nagorno Karabakh ended in 1994 and yet over two decades later, the people of Karabakh still live in fear.


Since 2000, The HALO Trust has been the only agency clearing the minefields and cluster munition strikes in Nagorno Karabakh. We have cleared approximately 500 minefields, destroying nearly 12,000 mines for the benefit of over 130,000 people. 

A generous donor will match every gift to fund landmine clearance in Karabakh. Your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar, and go twice as far. 

Donate to save lives and help the people of Karabakh farm their land and raise their children in safety.