To prevent devastating accidents, our Mine Risk Education team visits communities at risk in Nagorno Karabakh. Many casualties are children so it’s especially important that they are aware of the danger. Your gift can help us provide mine risk education classes and keep children safe.

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HALO recruits and trains local people to clear the minefields that affect their communities. In Nagorno Karabakh, we are the largest employer and the only organization clearing minefields and cluster bombs. Your gift will cover all costs and salary for a deminer for one week, ensuring this life-saving work gets done.

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Monthly Donor

Monthly Donation


HALO's vision is to clear Nagorno Karabakh of landmines by 2020. Your gift will allow us to clear about 1000 square feet of minefield, creating safe space for children to play, land for agricultural development and help us move a step closer to a Mine Free Karabakh.

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WITH MATCH = $1000

For many Karabakhi Armenians, the everyday activities we take for granted are filled with the fear of stepping on or driving over a mine. On average it costs $1000 to locate and destroy a mine in Karabakh. Your gift will help us to continue this vital, life-saving work.

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