SAFE STEPS: Salisbury Plain Training Schedules

Best Foot Forward

We've put together training schedules for beginners, intermediates and experienced walkers to make sure you are fully prepared by 25th May to take on the Salisbury Plain challenge.

Beginners' training schedule 

To help you get started we’ve got a beginners' 10 week walking plan.

This takes you onto walking for 60-70 minutes that will equate to about 4 to 5 miles. Following this schedule gradually increase the time of your longest walk to 90 minutes (6 miles) and if you then feel ready you could progress to the intermediate plan.

Intermediate training schedule

Intermediate level walking requires an increased level of fitness and condition. It’s really beneficial to incorporate other exercises and activities into your schedule. This will help to limit the possibility of training injuries and introducing other forms of exercise will keep you motivated!

Our intermediate 10 week walking plan will prepare for longer walks of 15 to 20 miles. As the time and distance of the walks increases it will provide greater benefits to walk on tracks and paths with varied surfaces and sloping terrain.

Advanced training schedule

This plan will help you prepare for distances of 20 miles or more and progressing onto multi-day trekking. At this level of walking it is likely that many of your trekking will be on hills, fells and mountain paths.

In general, hill and mountain weather can change very rapidly and is usually wetter, windier and colder than the lower level areas even in the same vicinity. It’s really important that you prepare for each training session and let someone know your intended route and expected time of return.