Support a minefield project

It is often the poorest of the poor who have to live in or near minefields. Our donors create real and lasting change in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. 

By supporting a minefield project, you can transform an entire community. Your investment will fund the salaries of locally recruited deminers and therefore help families get back on their feet. 

HALO’s monitoring and evaluation team has shown that the return on investment in de-mining – the point at which cultivated land yields as much profit for the farmer as was spent on clearing the land – can be as rapid as 2 years. We will report back on how many mines were removed and how many acres made safe. We will also share the stories of the families who can now live and farm in safety.

What does it cost to clear a minefield?

The cost of clearing a minefield varies depending on the size, geography, mine threat and local economy. On average, funding a team of deminers for a month starts at $5,000 and for a year can cost up to $100,000. That's why it is an excellent way for groups of individuals or foundations to help. 

Clearing minefields saves lives and transforms impoverished communities. It is immensely rewarding too, as this story of minefield clearance in Cambodia illustrates.

    Rewarding experience

    "I have visited former minefields that our funding helped make safe. There is nothing more tangible or satisfying than seeing families going about their daily lives in safety. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to make a difference where it is needed most."

    Mia Hamwey, Freedom Fields USA

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