Construction Manager


The unsafe storage of ammunition and weapons can lead to unplanned explosions at munition sites (UEMS) as well as the proliferation of small arms and light weapon. The number of UEMs has increased substantially across the world over the past 20 years while the proliferation of small arms and light weapons across Africa and the Middle East presents a growing problem to regional security.

The HALO Trust has engaged in Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) projects across the world (Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Côte d'Ivoire, Georgia, Mozambique and Somaliland). In addition to the destruction of weapons and ammunition, a number of these projects involve the rehabilitation and construction of armouries and ammunition stores across the world. HALO aims to ensure that weapons and ammunition are securely and safely stored and accounted for in line with international standards to help protect civilian populations from the threat of armed violence and UEMS.

In order to support this work, HALO requires Construction Managers to be based in the field in order to produce engineering assessments of structures and provide recommendations for rehabilitation – in line with international weapons and ammunition storage standards (IATG). Further work includes the project management of construction/rehabilitation works.

 Requirements for the role:

-  Construction qualifications – minimum of a Bachelor degree in a construction related subject (i.e. Civil Engineering, Building Surveying).

-  Project Management – minimum of 2 years, experience in management of construction/engineering related projects. Ideally, management of multiple projects, running concurrently.

-  Experience travelling/working in different countries – as these roles are based overseas, the candidate will need to provide evidence of capability to adapt to working in varied and challenging environments.

-  The candidate will need to be confident, proactive and highly capable of working independently.


Desirables (not essential):

-  Experience working in a construction related role in Africa.

-  Candidates fluent in spoken and written French are more likely to be considered for the role. 

-  Experience in leadership roles, ideally managing the work of others.

-  Experience in construction and rehabilitation of buildings for security forces.


Please send your CV (preferably one-page) with covering letter to, marking it Construction Manager.

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)

Vacancy for Projects Officer, Somalia / Somaliland

The HALO Trust is seeking a Projects Officer to work in Somalia and Somaliland. The HALO Trust conducts humanitarian landmine clearance and ordnance disposal in Abkhazia, Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Laos, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Somalia, Somaliland, Sri Lanka, West Bank and Zimbabwe.  We employ over 7,000 national and 50 expatriate staff.

Selection Requirements: 

•  Graduate in a social-science subject

•  An understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods

•  Fluent English speaker with strong written English

•  Strong numeracy skills

•  Strong IT skills, proficient in use of Microsoft Access and Excel (experience using Access and Excel for data collection and analysis an asset)

•  Good cultural awareness, able to adapt to working in different cultures

•  A self-starter, able to organise and manage their own time

•  A practical and adaptable person, prepared to work in rural locations and willing to live in field conditions on occasion

•  Interest in Somalia and Somaliland

•  Knowledge of Somali culture, politics or language would be an asset 

 The role will include:

•  Overseeing impact monitoring and evaluation of HALO’s clearance activities, including data collection, analysis and write-up of socio-economic Baseline Assessments and Post-Clearance Land Use survey

•  Preparing reports for donors, including collection of case studies and quantitative data on outcomes, to present HALO’s progress in line with donor requirements

•  Providing support to the Programme Manager on writing proposals and tenders to donors to attract additional funding

•  Managing donor contract files, including monitoring progress on outputs in line with donor targets

•  Managing quality assurance of data collection, data management and mapping

•  Developing and preparing Programme publications

•  Liaising with partner organisations, development agencies and government departments to keep HALO informed of development plans and priorities in the country

•  Assisting with hosting visitors on the Programme

•  Providing support to the Programme Manager and HALO Senior Management on a range of other tasks

•  Helping to build national staff capacity, working closely with Survey, Community Outreach and Risk Education teams

 The role will be for at least 2 years (subject to a period of probation) based in Hargeisa with travel around the country.  There may then be potential for work in other HALO programmes.


Salary: £21,600 to £36,000 per annum
Local Overseas Allowance: $350 per month
Leave: seven weeks holiday per year taken in 3 blocks with 3 return flights between Hargeisa and your domiciled residence.
Insurance:  generous cover provided.
Accommodation:  provided in a shared international staff house. 

Closing date:  27 April 2015

The closing date for applications is 27 April 2015.

Please reply with CV to

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)

Desk Officer, Afghanistan and Central Asia

Based in South-West Scotland with extensive and prolonged deployment to Afghanistan, and as required other Central Asia States.

The HALO Trust is a global leader in the fields of mineclearance and removal of other debris of war. HALO is seeking to appoint a desk officer for its Afghanistan Programme (HALO Afghanistan), reporting to the Chief Executive.

Essential requirements for this position are:

•  Written and spoken fluency (native speaker) in Pashtu, Dari and English;

•  Extensive experience within Afghanistan of managing large scale multi-ethnic organisation (3,000+ national staff);

•  Comprehensive understanding of international humanitarian mine & UXO action sector;

•  Excellent broad understanding of manual and mechanical mineclearance, munitions and weapons disposal;

•  Ability to liaise with donors, make formal presentations, write proposals, plan and monitor budgets; good IT skills;

•  Thorough understanding of Islam and Islamic culture; work experience in the Islamic World;

•  Ability to travel frequently to Afghanistan and neighbouring countries.

Main duties and responsibilities

Duties when in the UK Office
•  Regular contact with programme management teams to provide support, guidance and leadership;

•  Control of all financial, logistic and fleet departments, including oversight of all accounting systems and protocols;

•  Securing of continuation funding for the established programme in Afghanistan; 

•  Researching new funding for expansion across Central Asia;

•  Procurement of equipment to be shipped overseas;

•  Maintain a schedule of Proposals and Reports, ensuring timely submission of high quality, well edited documents;

•  Maintain appropriate contact with all current and potential future programme donors;

•  Represent HALO at international meetings including the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty, The Convention on Cluster Munitions and the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons;

•  Attend private fundraising events and give lectures internationally;

•  Provide regular updates on regional issues for HALO CEO, other desk officers and trustees as required;

•  Keep up a general understanding of issues affecting all countries where HALO operates; be prepared as necessary to assist in covering pertinent matters on other desks. 

Duties when deployed in Afghanistan
•  Management and leadership of all aspects of HALO Afghanistan - 3,000+ national staff, 2 – 3 international staff, deployed on average in up to 40 districts of 20 provinces, working from a country headquarters, two regional offices, two sub-regional compounds and up to 30 remote camps;

•  Liaison in Kabul with key Government Ministries, relevant national authorities and agencies; maintenance of relationships with key Embassies and donor offices;

•  Ensure appropriate security assessments at provincial and district level inform all operational decision making, all movement of programme staff and equipment around the country;

•  Oversight of current and future operational clearance tasking, review of task selection processes and projected team requirements; 

•  Ensure programme is working appropriately through national coordinating body.

•  Written and spoken fluency (native speaker) in Pashtu, Dari and English;

•  Strong spoken and written communication skills;

•  Strong analytical and problem solving skills and ability to handle a range of management and coordination issues in a complex working environment. 

Essential Prior Experiences
•  Work in Afghanistan and other Central Asia States;

•  Management of a large scale national workforce;

•  Management of Mine and UXO clearance operations;

•  Working and living in hazardous areas. 

£90,000 per annum and allowances

The closing date for applications is 15 May 2015.

Please reply with CV to

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)

International Applicants to The HALO Trust


HALO employees can take pride that they are representing the world’s leading organisation in humanitarian mine action. We have been clearing landmines and saving lives the world over for more than 25 years and have a highly respected name in a challenging and vitally important sector.

With a global employee base of over 7,500 people, we employ around 50 international staff in programmes from Cambodia to Colombia. HALO’s staffing structure is designed to train and retain local capacity, using a small number of international staff in support. This provides valuable working opportunities for individuals in impoverished communities and ensures that our funding flows directly to those in need. 

Working for HALO

From our Headquarters in Scotland, we support operations in seventeen countries and territories on four continents. The majority of HALO applicants, both female and male, will start with us in an operational capacity, learning first-hand about HALO’s work in a hands-on training course. We also employ people with specialist skills such as financial management and specialist vehicle maintenance to support our programmes overseas.

We are focused on gender diversity across all aspects of our employee base and encourage female applicants to apply. We recruit from many sources but look for resourcefulness in all of our candidates.

HALO employees will travel to different operational environments and will become directly involved in special projects designed to assist local communities. Working for HALO can lead to significant personal and professional development, with some candidates being selected for country management positions within two to three years. Some individuals reach our highest level of management as Desk Officers and provide oversight to multiple programmes from the Scotland HQ.  

HALO’s People

We encourage applications from candidates who are prepared to work in remote and challenging environments. As we are able to offer a full training package, we do not require previous knowledge of ordnance disposal, but we do welcome natural leaders who are resilient and self-motivated. Applicants can come from any background, but will usually have completed their education and been employed elsewhere for at least three years.

We expect our employees to adapt positively to extended tours in harsh living conditions or solitary locations. Part of our responsibility is to work within and alongside a community, so the ability to quickly learn the local language is crucial.

Above all, HALO employees must commit to and be guided by humanitarian ethics in general and HALO’s Guiding Principles in particular.

Salary and Benefits Scheme

In recognition of the commitment shown by our staff, HALO has a transparent and generous rewards system for dedicated service;

•  Clearly banded salaries ranging from £21,600 to £78,000 when serving overseas. Remuneration is dependent on seniority and experience up to the level of Programme Manager. 

•  Local Overseas Allowance: In addition to a comprehensive accommodation package, HALO offers a monthly cash allowance to all international staff.

•  Fully Comprehensive Insurance Scheme: This includes wide-ranging medical cover, including evacuation and repatriation where necessary, and a generous Life Assurance policy.

•  Generous Leave Allowances: Seven weeks’ leave a year. HALO also has a comprehensive set of policies for parental and compassionate leave requirements.

•  Flights Home: HALO will provide three return flights home per year and will cover the cost of any requisite travel documents.

•  Accompanied Posts: In certain cases, HALO will support postings for employees with partners and/or dependants.

•  Sabbaticals: Long standing employees will qualify for sabbaticals upon agreement with senior management.

•  Army Reserve: HALO will support staff enrolled in Army reserves schemes with additional unpaid leave where necessary. 

Training and Career Development

On joining HALO, field employees will attend an intensive training course overseas. This course is split into two three-month phases, the first of which covers field skills like mineclearance, ordnance disposal, survey and first aid. The second phase enables the trainee to employ these new skills in management positions in remote locations. Both phases will be used to develop administrative skills like budget management and proposal writing. In time, trainees will host major donor visits and will be required to liaise with governments and the diplomatic community in extremely sensitive political environments.

To support this ethos of continual training and development, HALO operates an annual appraisal system, which allows recognition of personal successes and which provides an avenue for clear career direction. Moreover, we support employees who wish to dedicate time to further professional development outside of HALO responsibilities.  

If you consider yourself to be up to this unique challenge and are prepared to make a two year commitment including the initial six month training package, send a one page CV with covering letter to:

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)

Ammunition Technician

Ammunition Technician – Ammunition Physical Security & Stockpile Management (PSSM) Officer

Background Information - Job-specific

The Ammunition Physical Security and Stockpile Management Officer will work under the direct supervision of the Weapons & Ammunition Disposal/PSSM Desk Officer. The incumbent will have primary responsibility for the delivery and development of PSSM standards. The position will be mainly, but not necessarily, based at one of HALO’s West Africa programmes and might involve extensive travel between HALO countries.

The incumbent will be primarily responsible for managing HALO’s activities in the field of Stockpile Management to ensure that the respective programmes are on target to deliver on their contractual obligations, specifically:

•evaluating and quantifying stocks of weapons ammunition, and identifying weapons and ammunition for disposal; 

•providing technical assistance on ammunition hazard divisions and categories to ensure correct segregation of ammunition;

•mitigating the overfilling of ammunition stores; 

•planning and conducting training on the safe and secure storage of ammunition as  required;

•supervising the safe transportation and storage of ammunition;

•ensuring that standards are maintained;

•helping undertake assessments of new countries with a view to establishing additional programmes;

•reviewing explosive storage arrangements on programmes and advising on measures to bring conditions into line with International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG) and International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) guidelines.

 Additional duties will include:

•discussing the programme training needs with the Programme Manager;

•familiarisation with in-country EOD and demining operating procedures, particularly any restrictions which are unique to the programme;

•conducting or managing EOD tasks when necessary.

•establishing levels of staffing and the minimum qualification required for each level of field supervision;

•monitoring the quantity and state of explosive resources in-country and making recommendations to the Programme Manager for additional purchases; 

•reviewing existing explosive/ammunition storage and accounting procedures and assisting in their monitoring and improvement;

•when not participating in PSSM activities, assisting the Programme Manager with the normal duties of a HALO Field Officer. 


•Technical knowledge

– comprehensive understanding of the principles behind storing and processing ammunition in base depots or field storage sites at home or on operations.

•Communication Skill

 – strong spoken and written communication skills; 

•Creativity and Innovation 

– strong analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to handle a range of management and coordination issues;


– ability to train and work through interpreters;

•Ability to Learn 

– willingness to keep abreast of new developments;


– good IT skills are essential.


•Trained Ammunition Technician with minimum of 3 years’experience.

•IMAS Level 3 or 4 Explosive Ordnance Disposal competence.


•experience of working in hazardous areas;

•military background;

•fluency in spoken and written French is required;

•working knowledge of English language. 

 Please forward a one-page CV with covering letter to marked PSSM Officer.

(Due to the high number of applicants, only short-listed candidates will receive a response)