11 October 2019 | National Geographic

Clearing mines in the Okavango for wildlife protection and ecotourism

27 September 2019 | Harpers Bazaar

Prince Harry Retraces Princess Diana's Footsteps in Angola Minefields

27 September 2019 | HELLO!

Emotional Prince Harry retraces Princess Diana's steps as he visits former Huambo minefield

27 September 2019 | Daily Mail

Prince Harry visits mining site, Angola

27 September 2019 | BBC News

Prince Harry walks through Angola minefield 22 years after Diana

27 September 2019 | The Telegraph

Duke of Sussex speaks of 'emotional' journey to Princess Diana's Angolan landmine fields as he retraces steps 22 years on

27 September 2019 | Good Morning America

Prince Harry retraces his mom Princess Diana's footsteps in Angola

27 September 2019 | Evening Standard

Prince Harry 'humbled' as he visits Angolan minefield in scenes reminiscent of his mother

27 September 2019 | Sky News

Prince Harry retraces his mother Diana's footsteps at Angola landmine fields

27 September 2019 | The Daily Mail

Prince Harry follows in his mother Princess Diana's footsteps as he dons body armour to recreate her famous walk through a partially-cleared minefield in Angola

27 September 2019 | The Times

Prince Harry retraces Diana’s footsteps in Angolan minefield

27 September 2019 | Mirror

Prince Harry dons body armour to retrace Diana's iconic visit to Africa minefield

27 September 2019 | BBC News

Harry walks through Angola minefield 22 years after Diana

27 September 2019 | The Independent

Prince Harry Follow in Princess Diana's Footsteps by walking through minefield on Royal Tour

27 September 2019 | Metro

Prince Harry blows up landmine at same spot where Princess Diana detonated one

27 September 2019 | CNN

Prince Harry retraces Diana's footsteps through Angola minefield


26 September 2019 | The Washington Post

Princess Diana walked through a minefield 22 years ago. Prince Harry is retracing her steps.

24 September 2019 | Express

Princess Diana legacy: How Diana ‘stepped over the line’ - and Harry will follow her foots

23 September 2019 | TIME

Prince Harry Will Honor His Mother's Work in Angola. Here's What to Know About Princess Diana's Landmines Walk

22 September 2019 | Royal Central

Diana, Landmines and the HALO Trust

22 September 2019 | ITV

Harry and Meghan to focus on townships, landmines and HIV in Southern Africa tour, writes Chris Ship

21 September 2019 | Mirror

Prince Harry will open hospital in touching tribute to mum Diana's landmine work

20 September 2019 | Macau News Agency

Angola: Prince Harry to follow in mother’s demining footsteps

18 September 2019 | GOVERNMENT EUROPA

Explosive ordnance disposal from Afghanistan to the Ukraine

08 September 2019 | Express

Prince Harry Africa tour: Why Angola has special connection to Prince Harry

06 September 2019 | Reuters

Prince Harry to visit Diana's Angola landmine project

03 September 2019 | VOA News

In Iraq's Baiji, Mines Turn Farms into Killing Fields

25 July 2019 | DAP News

Mine officials ask US to continue strengthening ties and cooperation for mine action in Cambodia

25 July 2019 | All Africa

Zimbabwe On Track to Clear Landmines By 2025

23 July 2019 | Lorraine

Princess Diana called him one of the bravest men she ever met. Chris Moon MBE, lost an arm and a leg while working for a landmine charity in Africa and explains how, ‘Mozambique is now landmine free.’

21 July 2019 | NorthWalesLive

Landmine clearance to start at Royal Welsh Show (don't worry, they're not real)

20 July 2019 | Royal Welsh Western Mail

Landmine clearance legacy that Diana left

15 July 2019 | The Times

Double amputee strives for record ultramarathon run

15 July 2019 | The Armenian Weekly

St. Louis Armenian Communities Host HALO Trust

20 June 2019 | The Times of Israel

Stunning Romanian church is final monastery cleared of mines at Qasr al Yahud

18 June 2019 | Global Citizen

Prince Harry Champions Landmine Clearing in Angola, Following in His Mother's Footsteps

18 June 2019 | Jornal de Angola

60 milhões de dólares para remoção de minas

17 June 2019 | ITV News

Prince Harry to go back to the minefield his mother walked through

17 June 2019 | CNN

Prince Harry picks up Diana's mantle on landmine removal

17 June 2019 | The Telegraph

Prince Harry invokes memory of his mother's campaigning as he urges greater efforts to tackle landmines 

17 June 2019 | Sky News

Prince Harry continues Diana's legacy on landmines

17 June 2019 | The Associated Press

Prince Harry champions mother's cause: clearing land mines

17 June 2019 | Bazaar

Prince Harry Gives Stirring Speech on Angola Landmine Clearance: "There Is an End in Sight"

17 June 2019 | Daily Mail, Mail Online

Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps as he attends a conference on land mine clearance in Angola to carry on the pioneering work of his late mother

17 June 2019 | The Star

Prince Harry champions mother Diana’s cause of clearing land mines

11 June 2019 | Reliefweb

Tokyo event for a world free of landmines

03 June 2019 | Energy Voice

BP commits nearly £1m to landmine clearance in Angola

03 June 2019 | la Repubblica

Agenda 2030: addressing global challenges with sustainability and innovation

31 May 2019 | Sarajevo Times

EUFOR Specialist Ammunition and Weapon Advisors met with BiH’s Armed Forces

27 May 2019 | The Times of Israel

900 landmines detonated in Qasr al Yahud on the Jordan River

27 May 2019 | Salisbury Journal

Hundreds join celebrities in trek across Salisbury Plain for charity

25 May 2019 | Spirefm

The Stratford-sub-Castle based Halo Trust is hosting their first ever 'Safe Steps' trek across the firing ranges today.

24 May 2019 | The Nine


24 May 2019 | BBC News

Experiencing the work of a landmine clearance charity

22 May 2019 | Spirefm

The Halo Trust, made famous for their work with Princess Diana in the 1990s, has been out in the city raising awareness.

21 May 2019 | Reliefweb

Thanks to BP Angola our 100 Women in Demining project is growing

20 May 2019 | The Scotsman

Scots Tory breaks with Ruth Davidson to back cut to aid budget

14 May 2019 | Oil and Gas Press

Sustainability report shows transformation to tackle Global Challenges

13 May 2019 | The Armenian Weekly

ANCA Leaders Press Congress on Artsakh Aid, Armenian Genocide Resolution, Madrid Principles

12 May 2019 | Enews

Why Prince Harry Will Never Stop Finding Ways to Honor Princess Diana and Continue Her Legacy

06 May 2019 | First Mining

BP Angola sets aside US $1.2m for innovative Landmine Clearing with the Halo Trust

03 May 2019 | Jam News

Mines on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border

26 April 2019 | Salisbury Journal

TV stars to walk Salisbury Plain for city-based charity

20 April 2019 | France 24

Ukrainian army struggles to demine war-stricken Donbas region

11 April 2019 | Valley News

Stars join the big ‘mine and bomb’ walk

05 April 2019 | Africa News

17 years after the civil war, Angola faces the challenge of mine clearance

02 April 2019 | CTV News

New map shows effect of landmine clearance in Jebrail, Afghanistan

08 March 2019 | The Guardian

The women clearing Sri Lanka's minefields - in pictures

07 March 2019 | The Atlantic

The Women Who Are Clearing the Minefields in Sri Lanka

February 2019 | Philanthropy Age

Afghanistan's killing fields

February 2019 | Euro News

There’s only one way to tackle Ukraine’s infestation of mines ... slowly

15 January 2019 | Observador

Angola desmina pólo turístico no Cuando Cubango com doação britânica de 1,3 milhões de dólares

14 January 2019 | Evening Standard

What Camilla Did Next: Love Island's Camilla Thurlow joins forces with TV historian for film highlighting plight of landmine victims in Cambodia

13 January 2019 | BBC Radio Scotland

‘Ghost Churches’ on the West Bank of the Jordan

08 January 2019 | National Catholic Reporter

Effort removes thousands of landmines from site of Jesus' baptism

07 January 2019 | Daily Record

Brave Scot helps dig up landmines in Cambodia laid during Pol Pot's deadly regime

31 December 2018 | BBC Radio Scotland

Landmine clearance in Cambodia

21 December 2018 | The Washington Post

Jesus' baptism site was a closed military zone for 50 years. That's about to change.

18 December 2018 | The Tablet

Churches at Jesus' baptism site made safe for visitors

13 December 2018 | Global Citizen

8 Wonderful Things Britain Did for the World in 2018 That Have Nothing to Do With Brexit

12 December 2018 | Auswärtiges Amt

Minen: Das heimtückische Erbe des Krieges

11 December 2018 | The Times

Landmines cleared from shrines where Jesus was baptised

10 December 2018 | The Times of Israel

More than 1,500 landmines cleared at Jesus baptism site on Jordan River

10 December 2018 | The Catholic News Agency

Site of Baptism of the Lord nears reopening as landmines cleared

10 December 2018 | Sohu


09 December 2018 | Haaretz

Landmines Cleared From Jesus' Baptism Site, Ending 50-year Shutdown

09 December 2018 | The Guardian

Qasr al-Yahud: a mission to restore faith - and hope

09 December 2018 | The Daily Mail

Revealed for the first time in 50 years: Churches at West Bank site where many believe Jesus was baptised are reopened after workers remove landmines from the area

08 December 2018 | The Scotsman

Insight: Clearing the West Bank of bombs for baptisms

06 December 2018 | VOA News

Afghan Village Uses Live Rockets to Build Homes, Bridges 

06 December 2018 | El Pais

Ministerio Público alista 100 armas para su destrucción

28 November 2018 | Khmer Times

Halo continues to aid mine-free goal

15 November 2018 | The Guardian

'People are scared': deadly legacy of Isis continues to shape lives in Iraq

12 November 2018 | Postivie News

The women who remove deadly landmines

09 November 2018 | Khmer Times

Germany grants additional demining aid

07 November 2018 | South Coast Sun

Amanzimtoti woman makes her mark in war-torn Somalia

09 October 2018 | Reliefweb

Clearing IEDs with the help of New Zealand

10 September 2018 | Chronicle

NGO removes over 50 000 landmines from Zimbabwe

07 September 2018 | The Phnom Penh Post

UK commits to mine-free goal

06 September 2018 | Gov.uk

UK aid will protect more than 820,000 people from threat of lethal landmines

06 September 2018 | ITV News

Dumfries and Galloway charity given £23 million

05 September 2018 | The Guardian

Britain pledges £46m to fight against landmines after global casualties rise

04 September 2018 | RFI

Clearing landmines in eastern Ukraine, Part 2

16 August 2018 | Aleteia

A Franciscan monastery near the Jordan River re-opens after area is cleared of land mines

15 August 2018 | Daily Mirror

HALO expects to free Jaffna from mines by late 2019

23 July 2018 | Digital Trends

Meet the gigantic machine that eats land mines for breakfast

28 June 2018 | Agg-Net

The HALO Trust: Saving limbs and lives with MMD Sizer technology

27 June 2018 | Reliefweb

Revolutionising mine clearance in Zimbabwe with MMD sizer technology

23 June 2018 | Nippon.com

Japan and British Mine Clearance Organization HALO Trust Working Toward a Mine-Free World

23 June 2018 | The Scottish Sun

WALKABOUT Love Island Scot Camilla Thurlow looks loved up with Jamie Jewitt on HALO Trust charity walk

23 June 2018 | ITV News

Love Island stars help charity to save lives in Syria

31 May 2018 | The Guardian

Landmines made by Isis undo progress made by Princess Diana campaign

22 May 2018 | British Journal of Photography

Following female deminers in Nagorno-Karabakh


28 March 2018 | The Telegraph

British Landmine Charity Begins Clearing Thousands of Explosives from Site of Jesus' Baptism

7 March 2018 | Al Jazeera

The Female Deminers of Nagorno Karabakh

21 February | The Scotsman

Ruth Davidson: The Scots Restoring our Faith in Charity

15 February | The Daily Telegraph

Ruth Davidson Hails Landmine Clearance Charity on Visit to Afghanistan

15 February | The Guardian

Amid Tory Calls for Cuts, Ruth Davidson Defends Aid Spending

15 February | The Scotsman

Ruth Davidson works with Scottish charity on mine clearing trip in Afghanistan

15 February | Pakistan Express Tribune

10-year Minefield Clearance Drive in Afghan Province

15 February | Equal Times

In the field with Kosovo’s "bomb hunters"

25 January | NBC News

These Colombians are clearing landmines and paving the way for peace

20 January | The Herald

Princess Diana Charity HALO Trust and Church Clear Landmines at Jesus' Baptism Place

15 January | The Herald

Scottish landmine charity showcases work in Colombian peace process

1 January 2018 | PBS Newshour

In Afghanistan, Clearing Landmines to Save Lives

27 December | The Journal Ireland

Meet the 23-year Old Woman Clearing Landmines from a War She Doesn't Remember

5 December 2017 | Globe & Mail

James Cowan: How can Canada help Zimbabwe rid itself of its landmine legacy?

22 September 2017 | Ottawa Citizen

James Cowan: Invictus Games an opportunity for Canada to recommit to landmine campaign

18 July 2017 | Catholic News service

Holy Land Festival unites Muslims, Christians for peace

3 July 2017 | Jakarta Globe

New Zealand pledges $1 million to clear landmines in Colombia

20 June 2017 | ABC News

Afghan de-miners cling to hard but much-needed jobs

12 June 2017 | Yorkshire Post

James Cowan of landmine charity The HALO Trust

11 June 2017 | Mail on Sunday

Diana landmine charity hiring trainees to defuse bombs

11 May 2017 | The Jordan Times

Kingdom Stands out as Regional Example of Mine-Clearing Efforts

27 April 2017 | New York Times

In Angolan Town, Land Mines Still Lurk 'Behind Every Bush'

4 APRIL 2017

Landmine Free 2025 media coverage

27 March 2017 | The Guardian

Prime Minister lauds The HALO Trust

18 March 2017 | Daily Record

Princess Diana’s body armour to be displayed at Edinburgh Castle

17 March 2017 | Herald Scotland

Body armour worn by Diana features in landmine's exhibition

16 March 2017 | The Scotsman

Princess Diana's body armour goes on display at Edinburgh Castle 

9 March| Hromadske International (HALO Ukraine)

Hromadske International
James Cowan on BBC News
James Cowan Welcomes
Laos Funding: Al Jazeera

04 July 2016 | BLU Radio

Unión Europea le inyecta 2,7 millones de euros a plan de desminado humanitario

18 July 2016 | The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction

Mobile Technology in Mine Action: The Fulcrum Application

18 July 2016 | Our Sunday Observer

HALO project seeks to restore sacred ground

12 July 2016 | Thomas Reuters Foundation 

As Colombia peace talks advance, war window, ex-fighters clear landmines one at a time

3 July 2016 | VerdataBierta

“El desminado humanitario genera procesos de desarrollo”: Chris Ince

 27 May 2016 | Church Times

Jesus's baptism site to be cleared of landmines

17 May 2016 | Christian Media Center

Minefields: new life to the site of Jesus' Baptism

17 May 2016 | The National

Halo Trust set to clear mines from Holy Land site caught up in Six-Day War

16 May 2016 | Time

Israel, Palestine Allow Mine Clearance at Site of the Baptism of Jesus

15 May 2016 | BBC

New hope for Holy Land's minefield churches

15 May 2016 | Wall Street Journal

At site of Jesus' Baptism, mine clearing unlocks holy ground 

15 May 2016 | CNN

Decades after war, churches near Jesus' baptism site to be cleared of mines

15 May 2016 | The Telegraph

British land mine charity made famous by Princess Diana wants to clear explosives from the site of Jesus Christ's baptism 

28 April 2016 | Sky News

Cambodia's demining more urgent than ever

09 April 2016 | Herald Scotland

The Halo Trust and the campaign to rid Cambodia of land mines

11 December 2015 | BBC Scotland 

The HALO Trust in Sri Lanka reaches landmine milestone

9 December 2015 | Herald Scotland 

Scottish landmine charity reaches major milestone in war-torn Sri Lanka

20 November 2015 | Asbarez

How the US diaspora can help Nagorno Karabakh become landmine free by 2020

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

After decades Mozambique is finally free from the fear of landmines

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

Interactive: How HALO cleared Mozambique of landmines

17 September 2015 | BBC 

The Halo Trust celebrates 'mine-free' Mozambique

17 September 2015 | Washington Post 

Mozambique was once riddled with tens of thousands of land mines. Now, it has none 

30 August 2015 | Scotland on Sunday

Halo Trust still offers hope to victims

14 November 2014 | Daily Mail

Mozambique's future without landmines

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