29 February | Vatican Radio


2 December | Times Radio

6 December | The Washington Post

Unexploded bombs, many U.S.-made, could make parts of Gaza uninhabitable  

3 December | The Sunday Times

How Ukraine's two million mines led to a lethal stalemate in Russia

6 November | PR Newswire

Trimble partners with HALO Trust for landmine clearance in Ukraine

2 November | Bloomberg

Clearing landmines is critical to Ukraine's survival

2 November | Time Magazine 

Ukraine is using AI to clear to help clear millions of Russian landmines

30 October | Evening Standard

The Middle East is burning - but the crisis in Ukraine must not be forgotten

29 October | Insider News

Robots and drones help Ukraine's farmers reclaim their heavily mined land

22 October | Evening Standard

What happens after Israel invades Gaza?

14 October | The Nation

Cambodia is teaching the world how to clear landmines

28 September | Evening Standard 

Ukraine needs help to clear the landmines as well as military aid

12 September | BBC Ukrainecast

James Cowan, CEO talks about landmine clearance in Ukraine and the challenges

6 September | Ukraine Battleground podcast

Saul David in conversation with Pete Smith, Programme Manager

6 September | El Tiempo, Colombia 

Una mujer lideró proyecto de desminado que permitió que niños vuelvan a la escuela

5 September | Chief of Staff Association podcast

Lucy Reeve, HALO Chief of Staff in conversation with Euan Godbold

2 September | New York Times

Lachin Corridor crisis Nagorno Karabakh

30 August | BBC

Nagorno Karabakh Lachin corridor

28 August | The Independent

How 'industrial-scale Russian Minefields are hampering Ukraine's counteroffensive

17 August | Al Jazeera

Ukraine ground zero - investigating the toxic legacy of war in Ukraine

14 August | International Institute for Strategic Studies

Should the UK engage with the Taliban government 

13 August | The Guardian

Ukraine desperate for help clearing landmines 

9 August | ATN

Доведеться вичищати кожен квадратний метр»: на Харківщині працюють демінери HALO Trust

8 August | Newsweek

Ukraine Faces $40B, Decades-Long Battle With Unexploded Russian Mines

6 August | CBS News

How to blast through a Russian minefield

31 July | TRT

Ukraine working to demine reclaimed areas

28 July 2023 | Reuters

In Ukraine, land mines left by Russian forces pose a deadly threat

28 July | Reuters

What lies beneath

24 July | El Confidencial

De comercial a tener uno de los trabajos más importantes de Ucrania: "Un paso en falso puede acabar con mi vida"

22 July | Washington Post

Ukraine is now the most mined country. It will take decades to make safe

20 July | Wall Street Journal

The pivotal mission in Ukraine's counter-offensive: hunting for mines

19 July | Evening Standard

James Cowan on Afghanistan and the Taliban

19 July | Forbes

How to speed up demining. Case studies of FMC Ukraine and The HALO Trust, which help the state to solve this problem

3 July | Taz

Die Ukraine ist mittlerweile das verminteste Land der Welt. Das ist nicht nur gefährlich, sondern auch teuer. Unterwegs mit einem Minenaufräumdienst

30 June | Channel 5

Alexander Armstrong with HALO in Sri Lanka

June 19 | Sky News

HALO Trust: The "largest programme of landmine laying" since World War Two

June 19 | The Guardian

'We couldn't wait' - farmers clear mines on their land

June 17 | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Outside a flooded Ukrainian city, specialists warily sweep the ground for hidden bombs

June 15 | Voice of America

US Halo Trust Helps Demine Ukraine's Mykolaiv Region

June 13 | History Net

WWII Ordnance Still Kills Civilians in the Solomons. This Non-Profit Is Working to Change That

June 9 | Washington Post

Minefields flooded by Ukraine dam breach pose new risk to civilians

June 9 | The Guardian

Drone footage shows flooded minefields in southern Ukraine

June 8 | BBC Radio 4 PM Breach of the Nova Kakhovka dam

June 8 | The National UAE

Minefield Mapping Destroyed by Ukraine Dam Burst

June 8 | CNN

Landmines displaced and shifted by Ukraine dam collapse “a big problem,” NGO says

June 7 | The Guardian

Devastation from Kakhovka dam collapse could take decades to heal

June 7 | The New York Times

Flooding poses yet another risk downstream:dislodged landmines

16 May | The Telegraph Ukraine podcast

James Cowan on the landmine threat in Ukraine

2 May | The One Show BBC

JJ Chalmers visits Ukraine

2 May | The Telegraph

‘Our islands are plagued by bombs from the Second World War’

1 May | de Volkskrant

The brave women tracking down Angola's hidden landmines

20 May | Deutsche Welle

Clearing the landmines in Ukraine

15 April | Agence France-Press

En Ukraine, des fermiers risquent leur vie pour les semailles

5 April | Seed World

FMC Corporation and The HALO Trust Look To Improve Ukrainian Farm Safety

16 March | The New European

Bitter harvest: The Russian mines covering Ukraine like confetti

12 March | The Sun

DEATH IN DISGUISE I walked Ukraine’s treacherous minefields where area bigger than UK is filled with deadly bombs disguised as pizza boxes

11 March | The New York Times

In Fields Sown With Bombs, Ukraine’s Farmers Risk Deadly Harvest

2 March | Het Financielle Dagblat

24 February | The Independent

Demining charity urges UK to get behind its efforts to ‘decontaminate’ Ukraine

23 February | The Telegraph

How Zelensky’s top became the most powerful sweatshirt in the world

14 February | Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Steinmeier beginnt Besuch in Kambodscha

14 February | Agance Kampuchea Presse

German President Visits a Landmine Field in Siem Reap Province

14 February | Deutsche Welle

Deutschland finanziell unterstützte Minenräumprojekt HALO Trust

12 February | Forbes

Despite Howard Buffett’s Help, Land Mines Litter Ukraine And Threaten Spring Planting

11 February | The Independent

HALO Trust to double staff in Ukraine as it faces ‘epochal’ mine clearance

10 February |The Spectator

The Terror of Turkey's Earthquake: A Survivor's Account

27 January | Tages Anzeiger

Die Ukraine ist übersät mit Minen und Blindgängern


13 October | The Times

Visiting Ukraine made me proud of Britain's support

4 October | The Guardian

Danger in every step: the ‘chaotic and complex’ work of Ukraine’s de-miners

22 September | Fox News

Specialized team searching for undetonated ordnance in Ukraine amid war with Russia

12 June | NPR

Angola thought women couldn't clear landmines. These women proved them wrong

11 June 2022 | The Daily Mail

Deadly mines outside Kyiv are cleared by Princess Diana's charity

5 June 2022 | Voice of America

Crews at Work Ridding Ukraine of Landmines, Other Explosives

9 May 2022 | Times Radio

HALO CEO James Cowan Discusses Ukraine with Asmah Mir and Stig Abdell on Times Radio Breakfast

9 May 2022 | CNN

Growing Concerns Over Use of Landmines

4 May 2022 | The National News

'Afghanistan's Landmines Threaten Starvation as Well as Life and Limb

3 May 2022 | Real Clear Defense

The Missing Component in U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts in Africa

26 April 2022 | Bloomberg TV

HALO Trust CEO Cowan on Land Mine Risks in Ukraine

23 April 2022 | The Times

Inside Ukraine's Hurt Locker: the team diffusing 300 bombs a day

22 April 2022 | The Times

Hidden explosive could take Ukraine decades to clear warns HALO Trust

21 April 2022 | Times Radio

James Cowan Speaking on Ukraine with Times Radio

15 April 2022 | NPR: Here & Now

Landmines in Ukraine Raise Fears of Civilian Casualties

6 April 2022 | New York Times

New Russian Landmine Poses Special Risk in Ukraine

27 March 2022 | Corriere Della Sera

Con lady D, HALO ha sminato I teatri di guerra: "Ora serviranno anni per bonificare l'ucraina"

25 March 2022 | People Magazine

Prince Harry thanks HALO Trust workers in Ukraine in special video call: 'keep saving lives'

24 March 2022 | Express

Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps as he holds poignant phone call

24 March 2022 | Merkur

Prinz Harry unterstuetzt Ukraine: Er setzt das vermaechtnis seiner Mutter Diana fort

24 March 2022 | AZ-online

Im minefeld der Ukraine: Prinz Harry unterstützt Diana "hilfstrupp"

24 March 2022 | Schwäbische Post

Im minefeld der Ukraine: Prinz Harry unterstützt Diana "hilfstrupp"

24 March 2022 | BGLand24

Im minefeld der Ukraine: Prinz Harry unterstützt Diana "hilfstrupp"

23 March 2022 | Daily Mail

Prince Harry praises HALO Trust for its efforts in Ukraine after videos by the charity supported by Princess Diana on how to stay safe from unexploded ordnance are seen by 17 million people

22 March 2022 | Inews

Ukraine faces decades of landmine tragedies from unexploded Russian munitions

22 March 2022 | LBC

Non-profit boss plays personal account of employee in Mariupol

19 March 2022 | Daily Mail

Your £1 million for UN mercy mission: How generous mail force donations will help fund emergency aid and shelter for millions of refugees

18 March 2022 | Radio 4 PM

James Cowan on Mariupol

18 March 2022 | Vanity Fair

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make donations to six frontline charities in Ukraine

18 March 2022 | Newsweek

Prince Harry thanks charity championed by Diana for Ukraine support

18 March 2022 | Daily Mail

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announce they have made donations to charities to 'support the people of Ukraine' - as they pay tribute to Invictus Games athlete who died in conflict 

18 March 2022 | Independent

Ukraine: Old people in Mariupol 'dying of strokes due to stress and no one removing the bodies'

BBC Outside Source
8th March


28 February 2021 | The Washington Post

A garden where war's perils linger


20 December | The Sunday Mail

Mines Rockets & Revenge in the Killings Fields of Iraq

03 December | The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

Karabakh after the ceasefire

24 November | Euronews (Spain)

The danger of hundreds of devices that have not exploded in Nagorno Karabakh

11 November | ARD (Germany)

Thousands of victims from landmines

09 November | Radio Free Europe

The Smerch Rocket: A Fearsome Symbol Of The Nagorno-Karabakh War

05 November | The New Humanitarian

The humanitarian fallout of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict


25 October | The Daily Mail

They killed my troops...now we work together: Major General JAMES COWAN argues it is no contradiction to participate in war fighting and support peace processes

25 October | The Daily Mail

Former Taliban Fighters are Hired to Clear Minefields in Afghanistan

22 October | The Armenian Mirror-Spectator

A new reality in Stepanakert

21 October | Al Jazeera English

Nagorno-Karabakh shelling leaves enduring dangers

Nagorno-Karabakh's main city of Stepanakert has been under near-constant shelling for weeks and unexploded shells, rockets and bombs remain a hazard, even when the attacks have stopped. Al Jazeera's Rory Challands, reporting from Stepanakert, examines the dangers and the steps one charity is taking to deal with the lethal refuse.

Nagorno Karabakh Conflict
Beirut Explosion:
04 August 2020


18 December 2019 | MailOnline

Army Veteran urges charity donations to help landmine battle

18 December | The Herald

Army veteran goes back to Iraq to help end landmine menace

12 December 2019 | Yorkshire Post

Yorkshire medics clearing legacy of wars that maim and kill

11 October 2019 | National Geographic

Clearing mines in the Okavango for wildlife protection and ecotourism

27 September 2019 | Harpers Bazaar

Prince Harry Retraces Princess Diana's Footsteps in Angola Minefields

27 September 2019 | HELLO!

Emotional Prince Harry retraces Princess Diana's steps as he visits former Huambo minefield

27 September 2019 | Daily Mail

Prince Harry visits mining site, Angola

27 September 2019 | BBC News

Prince Harry walks through Angola minefield 22 years after Diana

27 September 2019 | The Telegraph

Duke of Sussex speaks of 'emotional' journey to Princess Diana's Angolan landmine fields as he retraces steps 22 years on

27 September 2019 | Good Morning America

Prince Harry retraces his mom Princess Diana's footsteps in Angola

27 September 2019 | Evening Standard

Prince Harry 'humbled' as he visits Angolan minefield in scenes reminiscent of his mother

27 September 2019 | Sky News

Prince Harry retraces his mother Diana's footsteps at Angola landmine fields

27 September 2019 | The Daily Mail

Prince Harry follows in his mother Princess Diana's footsteps as he dons body armour to recreate her famous walk through a partially-cleared minefield in Angola

27 September 2019 | The Times

Prince Harry retraces Diana’s footsteps in Angolan minefield

27 September 2019 | Mirror

Prince Harry dons body armour to retrace Diana's iconic visit to Africa minefield

27 September 2019 | BBC News

Harry walks through Angola minefield 22 years after Diana

27 September 2019 | The Independent

Prince Harry Follow in Princess Diana's Footsteps by walking through minefield on Royal Tour

27 September 2019 | Metro

Prince Harry blows up landmine at same spot where Princess Diana detonated one

27 September 2019 | CNN

Prince Harry retraces Diana's footsteps through Angola minefield


26 September 2019 | The Washington Post

Princess Diana walked through a minefield 22 years ago. Prince Harry is retracing her steps.

24 September 2019 | Express

Princess Diana legacy: How Diana ‘stepped over the line’ - and Harry will follow her foots

23 September 2019 | TIME

Prince Harry Will Honor His Mother's Work in Angola. Here's What to Know About Princess Diana's Landmines Walk

22 September 2019 | Royal Central

Diana, Landmines and the HALO Trust

22 September 2019 | ITV

Harry and Meghan to focus on townships, landmines and HIV in Southern Africa tour, writes Chris Ship

21 September 2019 | Mirror

Prince Harry will open hospital in touching tribute to mum Diana's landmine work

20 September 2019 | Macau News Agency

Angola: Prince Harry to follow in mother’s demining footsteps

18 September 2019 | GOVERNMENT EUROPA

Explosive ordnance disposal from Afghanistan to the Ukraine

08 September 2019 | Express

Prince Harry Africa tour: Why Angola has special connection to Prince Harry

06 September 2019 | Reuters

Prince Harry to visit Diana's Angola landmine project

03 September 2019 | VOA News

In Iraq's Baiji, Mines Turn Farms into Killing Fields

25 July 2019 | DAP News

Mine officials ask US to continue strengthening ties and cooperation for mine action in Cambodia

25 July 2019 | All Africa

Zimbabwe On Track to Clear Landmines By 2025

23 July 2019 | Lorraine

Princess Diana called him one of the bravest men she ever met. Chris Moon MBE, lost an arm and a leg while working for a landmine charity in Africa and explains how, ‘Mozambique is now landmine free.’

21 July 2019 | NorthWalesLive

Landmine clearance to start at Royal Welsh Show (don't worry, they're not real)

20 July 2019 | Royal Welsh Western Mail

Landmine clearance legacy that Diana left

15 July 2019 | The Times

Double amputee strives for record ultramarathon run

15 July 2019 | The Armenian Weekly

St. Louis Armenian Communities Host HALO Trust

20 June 2019 | The Times of Israel

Stunning Romanian church is final monastery cleared of mines at Qasr al Yahud

18 June 2019 | Global Citizen

Prince Harry Champions Landmine Clearing in Angola, Following in His Mother's Footsteps

18 June 2019 | Jornal de Angola

60 milhões de dólares para remoção de minas

17 June 2019 | ITV News

Prince Harry to go back to the minefield his mother walked through

17 June 2019 | CNN

Prince Harry picks up Diana's mantle on landmine removal

17 June 2019 | The Telegraph

Prince Harry invokes memory of his mother's campaigning as he urges greater efforts to tackle landmines 

17 June 2019 | Sky News

Prince Harry continues Diana's legacy on landmines

17 June 2019 | The Associated Press

Prince Harry champions mother's cause: clearing land mines

17 June 2019 | Bazaar

Prince Harry Gives Stirring Speech on Angola Landmine Clearance: "There Is an End in Sight"

17 June 2019 | Daily Mail, Mail Online

Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps as he attends a conference on land mine clearance in Angola to carry on the pioneering work of his late mother

17 June 2019 | The Star

Prince Harry champions mother Diana’s cause of clearing land mines

11 June 2019 | Reliefweb

Tokyo event for a world free of landmines

03 June 2019 | Energy Voice

BP commits nearly £1m to landmine clearance in Angola

03 June 2019 | la Repubblica

Agenda 2030: addressing global challenges with sustainability and innovation

31 May 2019 | Sarajevo Times

EUFOR Specialist Ammunition and Weapon Advisors met with BiH’s Armed Forces

27 May 2019 | The Times of Israel

900 landmines detonated in Qasr al Yahud on the Jordan River

27 May 2019 | Salisbury Journal

Hundreds join celebrities in trek across Salisbury Plain for charity

25 May 2019 | Spirefm

The Stratford-sub-Castle based Halo Trust is hosting their first ever 'Safe Steps' trek across the firing ranges today.

24 May 2019 | The Nine


24 May 2019 | BBC News

Experiencing the work of a landmine clearance charity

22 May 2019 | Spirefm

The Halo Trust, made famous for their work with Princess Diana in the 1990s, has been out in the city raising awareness.

21 May 2019 | Reliefweb

Thanks to BP Angola our 100 Women in Demining project is growing

20 May 2019 | The Scotsman

Scots Tory breaks with Ruth Davidson to back cut to aid budget

14 May 2019 | Oil and Gas Press

Sustainability report shows transformation to tackle Global Challenges

13 May 2019 | The Armenian Weekly

ANCA Leaders Press Congress on Artsakh Aid, Armenian Genocide Resolution, Madrid Principles

12 May 2019 | Enews

Why Prince Harry Will Never Stop Finding Ways to Honor Princess Diana and Continue Her Legacy

06 May 2019 | First Mining

BP Angola sets aside US $1.2m for innovative Landmine Clearing with the Halo Trust

03 May 2019 | Jam News

Mines on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border

26 April 2019 | Salisbury Journal

TV stars to walk Salisbury Plain for city-based charity

20 April 2019 | France 24

Ukrainian army struggles to demine war-stricken Donbas region

11 April 2019 | Valley News

Stars join the big ‘mine and bomb’ walk

05 April 2019 | Africa News

17 years after the civil war, Angola faces the challenge of mine clearance

02 April 2019 | CTV News

New map shows effect of landmine clearance in Jebrail, Afghanistan

08 March 2019 | The Guardian

The women clearing Sri Lanka's minefields - in pictures

07 March 2019 | The Atlantic

The Women Who Are Clearing the Minefields in Sri Lanka

February 2019 | Philanthropy Age

Afghanistan's killing fields

February 2019 | Euro News

There’s only one way to tackle Ukraine’s infestation of mines ... slowly

15 January 2019 | Observador

Angola desmina pólo turístico no Cuando Cubango com doação britânica de 1,3 milhões de dólares

14 January 2019 | Evening Standard

What Camilla Did Next: Love Island's Camilla Thurlow joins forces with TV historian for film highlighting plight of landmine victims in Cambodia

13 January 2019 | BBC Radio Scotland

‘Ghost Churches’ on the West Bank of the Jordan


31 December 2018 | BBC Radio Scotland

Landmine clearance in Cambodia

21 December 2018 | The Washington Post

Jesus' baptism site was a closed military zone for 50 years. That's about to change.

18 December 2018 | The Tablet

Churches at Jesus' baptism site made safe for visitors

13 December 2018 | Global Citizen

8 Wonderful Things Britain Did for the World in 2018 That Have Nothing to Do With Brexit

12 December 2018 | Auswärtiges Amt

Minen: Das heimtückische Erbe des Krieges

11 December 2018 | The Times

Landmines cleared from shrines where Jesus was baptised

10 December 2018 | The Times of Israel

More than 1,500 landmines cleared at Jesus baptism site on Jordan River

10 December 2018 | The Catholic News Agency

Site of Baptism of the Lord nears reopening as landmines cleared

10 December 2018 | Sohu


09 December 2018 | Haaretz

Landmines Cleared From Jesus' Baptism Site, Ending 50-year Shutdown

09 December 2018 | The Guardian

Qasr al-Yahud: a mission to restore faith - and hope

09 December 2018 | The Daily Mail

Revealed for the first time in 50 years: Churches at West Bank site where many believe Jesus was baptised are reopened after workers remove landmines from the area

08 December 2018 | The Scotsman

Insight: Clearing the West Bank of bombs for baptisms

06 December 2018 | VOA News

Afghan Village Uses Live Rockets to Build Homes, Bridges 

06 December 2018 | El Pais

Ministerio Público alista 100 armas para su destrucción

28 November 2018 | Khmer Times

Halo continues to aid mine-free goal

15 November 2018 | The Guardian

'People are scared': deadly legacy of Isis continues to shape lives in Iraq

12 November 2018 | Postivie News

The women who remove deadly landmines

09 November 2018 | Khmer Times

Germany grants additional demining aid

07 November 2018 | South Coast Sun

Amanzimtoti woman makes her mark in war-torn Somalia

09 October 2018 | Reliefweb

Clearing IEDs with the help of New Zealand

10 September 2018 | Chronicle

NGO removes over 50 000 landmines from Zimbabwe

07 September 2018 | The Phnom Penh Post

UK commits to mine-free goal

06 September 2018 | Gov.uk

UK aid will protect more than 820,000 people from threat of lethal landmines

06 September 2018 | ITV News

Dumfries and Galloway charity given £23 million

05 September 2018 | The Guardian

Britain pledges £46m to fight against landmines after global casualties rise

04 September 2018 | RFI

Clearing landmines in eastern Ukraine, Part 2

16 August 2018 | Aleteia

A Franciscan monastery near the Jordan River re-opens after area is cleared of land mines

15 August 2018 | Daily Mirror

HALO expects to free Jaffna from mines by late 2019

23 July 2018 | Digital Trends

Meet the gigantic machine that eats land mines for breakfast

28 June 2018 | Agg-Net

The HALO Trust: Saving limbs and lives with MMD Sizer technology

27 June 2018 | Reliefweb

Revolutionising mine clearance in Zimbabwe with MMD sizer technology

23 June 2018 | Nippon.com

Japan and British Mine Clearance Organization HALO Trust Working Toward a Mine-Free World

23 June 2018 | The Scottish Sun

WALKABOUT Love Island Scot Camilla Thurlow looks loved up with Jamie Jewitt on HALO Trust charity walk

23 June 2018 | ITV News

Love Island stars help charity to save lives in Syria

31 May 2018 | The Guardian

Landmines made by Isis undo progress made by Princess Diana campaign

22 May 2018 | British Journal of Photography

Following female deminers in Nagorno-Karabakh



Hromadske International
James Cowan on BBC News


James Cowan Welcomes
Laos Funding: Al Jazeera

04 July 2016 | BLU Radio

Unión Europea le inyecta 2,7 millones de euros a plan de desminado humanitario

18 July 2016 | The Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction

Mobile Technology in Mine Action: The Fulcrum Application

18 July 2016 | Our Sunday Observer

HALO project seeks to restore sacred ground

12 July 2016 | Thomas Reuters Foundation 

As Colombia peace talks advance, war window, ex-fighters clear landmines one at a time

3 July 2016 | VerdataBierta

“El desminado humanitario genera procesos de desarrollo”: Chris Ince

 27 May 2016 | Church Times

Jesus's baptism site to be cleared of landmines

17 May 2016 | Christian Media Center

Minefields: new life to the site of Jesus' Baptism

17 May 2016 | The National

Halo Trust set to clear mines from Holy Land site caught up in Six-Day War

16 May 2016 | Time

Israel, Palestine Allow Mine Clearance at Site of the Baptism of Jesus

15 May 2016 | BBC

New hope for Holy Land's minefield churches

15 May 2016 | Wall Street Journal

At site of Jesus' Baptism, mine clearing unlocks holy ground 

15 May 2016 | CNN

Decades after war, churches near Jesus' baptism site to be cleared of mines

15 May 2016 | The Telegraph

British land mine charity made famous by Princess Diana wants to clear explosives from the site of Jesus Christ's baptism 

28 April 2016 | Sky News

Cambodia's demining more urgent than ever

09 April 2016 | Herald Scotland

The Halo Trust and the campaign to rid Cambodia of land mines

11 December 2015 | BBC Scotland 

The HALO Trust in Sri Lanka reaches landmine milestone

9 December 2015 | Herald Scotland 

Scottish landmine charity reaches major milestone in war-torn Sri Lanka

20 November 2015 | Asbarez

How the US diaspora can help Nagorno Karabakh become landmine free by 2020

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

After decades Mozambique is finally free from the fear of landmines

17 September 2015 | The Guardian

Interactive: How HALO cleared Mozambique of landmines

17 September 2015 | BBC 

The Halo Trust celebrates 'mine-free' Mozambique

17 September 2015 | Washington Post 

Mozambique was once riddled with tens of thousands of land mines. Now, it has none 

30 August 2015 | Scotland on Sunday

Halo Trust still offers hope to victims

14 November 2014 | Daily Mail

Mozambique's future without landmines

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