HALO Trust Memorial Service, Chelsea Old Church, London

On Friday 15th December 2017, as The HALO Trust prepares to recognise its 30th Year, a Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance was held at Chelsea Old Church in West London and followed with a Reception for 230 guests and staff in next door Petyt Hall.

This was the first time since its 1988 founding that past and present members of HALO have come together in such numbers. The service was to honour the national and international men and women who have died while in HALO’s service and to give thanks for the humanitarian work of the organisation over the past three decades.

It was also the opportunity for HALO to say a big thank you to more than 35,000 national staff who have passed through HALO’s books, and to the 400 serving and retired international and UK based staff and members of HALO’s Medical Group who have built the organisation into what it is today.

The service was led by Reverend David Frederick (ex-HALO ’98 - ’04). It was a poignant moment of reflection in a beautiful setting; Tom Dibb’s Address was a powerful evocation of the debt HALO owes to its deminers around the world.

The reception was a fantastic opportunity for old friends to meet up once again, enlivened at the start by a very funny speech from Chris Moon that highlighted the humour and the sense of ridiculous which has always accompanied HALO’s dangerous but life affirming work.

Above all, the day was a celebration of collective achievement.

The HALO Trust would like to thank all past and present staff who came, together with our guests and trustees. We hope you enjoyed the day and will stay in touch in the future.

Here below are photos from the reception; they tell their own story!

We will be in touch in 2018.

Photos are available to download here.