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"I was just told of the positive transformation in Huambo since my mother walked that minefield all those years ago. What is less well-known is the impact landmines can have on conservation and wildlife, and therefore the economy."

Angola has some of the world’s most important remaining wilderness, including the headwaters for the unique Okavango Delta



But the presence of landmines makes large areas a lethal habitat for both animals and people


Removing the landmines is the first step towards protecting this region's vital biodiversity


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Destroying the landmines so wildlife can return

By clearing the landmines, HALO will open up safe access to the Okavango headwaters. Conservation measures can be introduced, allowing endangered species to return and flourish.

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Join the journey with HALO

This groundbreaking project will transform the future of the Okavango, laying the foundation for life, agriculture and eco-tourism to thrive. Join us on Angola's journey to a brighter future.

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Clearing a path to a brighter future

Explore an interactive map of the minefields that need to be cleared to protect the Okavango headwaters in Angola.


Angolan government commit $60m to clear landmines in the Okavango

Today a major new conservation initiative was announced between HALO and the Government of Angola, supported by Prince Harry.

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Watch: Into the Okavango - National Geographic

Okavango photographs by: Kyle Gordon, Chris Boyes, Flavio Cardoso | National Geographic Wilderness Project 

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