Mine risk education

For people who desperately need resources in the areas in which we operate, there is often no choice but to enter minefields, whether it be to gather firewood or to care for their flocks.

To prevent devastating accidents, our MRE teams show local people what to look for and encourage safe behaviour around mines and ERW.

Many landmine and casualties of other explosives debris are children so it’s especially important that children are aware of the danger. Most of our risk education is conducted in schools and community centres, where our teams target young boys, who make up over 80 per cent of child casualties.

The most effective way to prevent casualties is to clear the minefields for good, but mine risk education (MRE) can help make people safer while they wait for HALO to raise funds for clearance or to survey the area. In many countries we deliver MRE ourselves, but we also support other organisations to carry out MRE so that we can take advantage of their local knowledge and experience.

    Teaching strategies to keep children safe

    In addition to suffering from extreme poverty, Lath Village, in Laos' Sepon District, is contaminated with UXO, a terrible legacy of the Vietnam War. This photo story tells how HALO's trained instructors teach the children safe strategies for farming, vegetation cutting or making fires as these are routine activities for rural children in Laos.

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