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What will you do if you find an explosive? (UXo)


"If I find a UXO item, I will report it to my parents, teachers and UXO organisations. When I grow up, I would like to become a doctor." 
Souang, age 10.

How does the presence of explosives impact ON your family?


"It has a lot of impact. For example, it makes the use of land more complicated. Whatever I do, I am afraid of UXOs. Moreover, I am worried about the safety of my children."
Mr. Dokmai, 40 years old.

How does the risk education help your family?


"I learned many things during the risk education organised by HALO. For instance, when I want to make a fire, I need to make the ground higher. When I want to cut vegetation, I should cut higher above the ground. If I find a UXO, I should not touch it and report it to the UXO organisation."
Ms. Amoauy, 40 years old.

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