Proud to be an ambassador for HALO

Hei Klo Say currently works as a Community Liaison Officer, representing HALO in Kayin State. After working for several years with World Vision she joined HALO because of her personal experience with landmines, which have denied her family safe access to over a third of their land and have injured many members of her extended family. Having seen first hand the impact of landmine contamination, she is committed to removing this threat from her state.

In our gardens, in our fields, there are mines. If we clean the gardens, we will all get more income and feel safe again.

Hei Klo is proud to be an ambassador for HALO and uses the skills she has gained as a liaison officer to represent HALO to different development and state parties working to remove the threat of landmines in Kayin. Having received operational training in Cambodia, she is now eager to begin the process of clearing landmines and can’t wait for clearance operations to commence. While waiting for field operations to begin Hei Klo has used her HALO wages to take vocational courses in English, improving her skills and ability to interact with other development partners.