After conflicts have ended, vast stockpiles of weapons are often left behind; unstable piles of ammunition, aircraft bombs and munitions, unsecured or open to the elements. The immediate danger of war may be over but, if not properly maintained or destroyed, these obsolete weapons can cause total devastation. 

This is what happened to the people of Primorsky on the 2nd August 2017 when an explosion ripped through a nearby weapons store. 

Two years on, the villagers tell their story of that terrifying day and the work HALO has done to make Primorsky safe once again.

But accidents like this don't need to happen. Around the world we are working with national authorities to create secure weapons stores and destroy stockpiles. The story of Primorsky demonstrates why this is such vital work.


Elena feared for the lives of her grandchildren when an ammunition store exploded near to their home
Alan and Aslan work tirelessly every day to ensure the people of Primorsky are safe from unexploded bombs
Jambul helped evacuate people from his village when an ammunition store exploded
HALO deminers helped to make Kristina’s home safe again.
Alexandra was one of HALO Abkhazia's first female deminers. She has been working to clear explosives from Primorsky.