The threat from Anti-Vehicle mines

The HALO Trust Presentation to the Convention on Conventional Weapons GGE

Calvin Ruysen of The HALO Trust presented to the Convention on Conventional Weapons Group of Governmental Experts at the UN Palais des Nations, Geneva on 9th April 2015.

Under the subject of Amended Protocol II, which discusses the use of mines, booby traps and IED’s, Mr Ruysen highlighted the technical challenges faced by HALO in the clearance of minimum metal Anti-Vehicle Mines, with particular reference to Angola, Afghanistan and Nagorno Karabakh.

HALO’s presentation served to reinforce the impact that Anti-Vehicle Mines continue to have on humanitarian populations, decades after the end of a conflict.

Following the presentation, the Chairman opened the topic for discussion to member states. Responses were provided by Ireland, the United States, Belarus, Russia, Spain and China, demonstrating the value of the presentation's subject matter in this international forum.